Happy 90th Sim!

I was so excited to get the call that asked if I would document a family event honoring the patriarch of the Churchfield family who was being honored for his 90th birthday. When you hear of a 90-year-old, I’ll bet most of you think of someone who sits in a rocker all day. Not so with Sim. He has an amazing presence, vigor, and love for life and it showed throughout the events of his day. I was asked to stop by his house to document his family arriving in a stretch Hummer limo to pick him up to take him to an afternoon reception in his honor. He was so cute in his leather jacket, Colonel Sanders tie, and trusty cowboy boots as he walked outside and saw the Hummer. His family gave him a wrench and told him it needed some fixing … a hobby he obviously has had throughout his life. And while I don’t know Sim personally, I would learn from his photo boards and stories later that night that he is a Jack-of-all-trades and can do just about anything (much like my father-in-law was). There is such richness to be learned from our elderly for those who will take it in. There were smiles on everyone (including myself and the limo driver) as we watched and I documented this family’s love.

I was asked to then return in the evening to a family sit-down dinner in his honor and was turned loose to just document the event with candids of my choice. No formal family groups … just family gathering, relaxing, catching up with those they haven’t seen in a while, eating, talking, and browsing the many evidences of Sim’s full life that were placed around the Clubhouse. Below are a few of my favorite candids of the night.

Brother and sister at the head table.

Most birthday boys and girls get just one cake but Sim got two — the second a tractor cake (with a story attached of course). See what privileges you get for being 90!

Happy Birthday Sim, and thank you Barb and Gail for your call and hiring me for this most honoring of events. It was fun to watch the love that surrounds your family.

Julia James Laible - March 10, 2012 - 2:07 PM

This is so special. Beautiful moments captured!

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