Happy 6th Birthday MJ!

Boys will be boys, but boys will be little men too. They will get dirty but clean up handsome like their daddies. They will use their good manners taught by their mommies, tell silly jokes then laugh like their grampa’s. They will hug and say I love you’s and squeeze their Gramma’s legs as they run out the door to whatever adventure lies next in their ever expanding world. They will find fellowship with Auntie’s and Uncles and Cousins. One day they are a pirate, the next a cowboy, the next a super hero, but always someone so special that you just want to freeze them at the times you love them most, then send them home at the times you are most tired. They will grow older, but grow sweeter at the same time. They will pull out teeth with a string tied to their remote control car but still cry for a hug when they get hurt on the soccer field. This particular boy and his brother are mine to enjoy, gifted by the Lord most high to a family I call my own. MJ, my oldest g-babe is now 6. I liked that he was 5 but he didn’t listen to me and got older, on his way to learning what it means to be a good student, athlete, citizen. Happy birthday Big Guy! Love, hugs, and smoochy kisses, Gramma XXO (Feeling nostalgically sentimental over here … could you tell?)

MJ’s party was on Saturday, October 17. There were a bunch of family, friends, and school mates there. Grammy and Auntie Meagan were also here for the party, coming from Maryland and Washington DC. Charlie, the “free range rabbit” as the kids call him, also came out to see what the fuss was all about. He hops in and out of his cage in the chicken coop at will.


On MJ’s actual birthday of October 20th, the family met at Linder Farms for some play and pumpkin-picking.


Danielle bought a wrist band and jumped in on the fun that night too. She did the trampoline then rode the bull after MJ — in fact she rode it 3 times trying to redeem herself from falling off — which she always did in slow motion. Maybe she’s not ready for the rodeo quite yet.


On Thursday, Oct 22, MJ’s Kindergarten class got to go to Linder Farms to learn the cycle of how a pumpkin grows and to pick a pumpkin. It was his first class field trip and they got to take the bus. Big stuff here for “Kinders” as his teacher, Mrs. Ball, calls them._MG_4226_web_MG_4195_web_MG_4207_web_MG_4209_web

Danielle, Jayden and I got to go too … but Jayden didn’t get to ride the bus which he thought was highly unfair. He got a pumpkin though. 🙂


This is actually both kindergarten classes from Morley Nelson. Can you find my tall g-babe towering above the others?


And lastly, as an an update, this now 6 year old’s cast will hopefully be coming off today (October 23) after 4 weeks. He’s got the signatures of all his favorite people on it but it’s time to move on from this chapter of this boy’s life. Love you Matey!


Tracey - October 23, 2015 - 7:52 AM

Love the Pics Mary. I can’t believe MJ is 6. Where did the time go?? Your grandchildren are so special and no one has to tell you all to cherish the moments because you all seem to realize how special these times are. Love to you all and thank you so much for sharing your family.

Fairly Candid - October 23, 2015 - 8:35 AM

Tracy, that is so nice. It does go fast and there are so many g-babes now to keep up with! I’m trying but I think they might outrun me one day soon! Ha! Mary

Auntie Megan - October 23, 2015 - 9:12 AM

Possibly one of the top 3 best write ups in your blog history. I LOVED that first paragraph. I LOVE that little man you’re talking about too…especially the hugs and I love yous I’m privy to. He’s a good kid, that one…but I agree. Six just sounds too old.

Danielle - October 23, 2015 - 1:30 PM

I always love your write-ups on the boys, but this post takes the prize. I tearfully read that post with a huge smile on my face knowing that my son was most definitely all of those things you described him as. Thank you for this! We sure do love you!!

mary - October 23, 2015 - 4:40 PM

Another great job on pics and writing. Your such a good grandma.
Just celebrated Alex ‘ s 21st birthday now that’s old!

Fairly Candid - October 23, 2015 - 7:17 PM

Hey Mary, I learned it from the BEST — YOU! You know I always thought you were the best Grandma a kid could have. You’re awesome and have taught me so much. 🙂 And thank you Megan and Danielle for your sweet words. Love you girls who are such good momma’s to my g-babes.

Vince - October 24, 2015 - 11:16 AM

I agree with Megan — I enjoyed your text more than usual. “I liked that he was 5 but he didn’t listen to me and got older” — that’s good! Looks like I should put Linder Farms on my bucket list.

Fairly Candid - October 26, 2015 - 7:51 AM

Thank you Vince … means a lot coming from your literary expertise. You can use it sometime if you want. Haha!

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