Happy 4th!

Happy Independence Day to all Americans out there! We were camping so I bought little shirts and flags for our grandbabies, now 18 months and 20 months, to celebrate on Sunday night. The sparklers got the kabash since I was thinking more of a photo shoot than forest fires and hefty fines, but luckily my husband was thinking rationally and nipped that fun in the bud. My grandbabies had fun waving their flags, unless they wapped each other in the face, or had to share the chair, or wanted to see “O Sissy O Sissy” in the camera instead of being in front of it. Sydney is convinced that everyone’s cell phone and camera have “O Sissy O Sissy” on them. She loves seeing the pictures, but her goal is really to get to push some of the buttons. Speaking of O Sissy, her mommy is “O Mommy O Mommy” and of course Daddy is “O Daddy O Daddy” and I think she is “O so Cute O so Cute”. MJ is our little sports-nut cuddle-bug who doesn’t like bugs. “YUK YUK”. Stomp. Squish. Gotta work on that. Anyway, they are so cute and so fun and more camp pictures may be coming along eventually. I Heart Faces is having a “Red White Blue” challenge tomorrow and I finally decided on which one to enter so please check back Tuesday for that photo. It’s much different from these ones but one I just kept going back to.

[…] took an old chair, and set them on the hillside with the beautiful evening light. (You can see them here┬ásince we are allowed to have more than one photo this week.)┬áSome were better than others (but […]

Your Man - July 5, 2011 - 7:51 PM

What sweet pics,hun. You have 2 cute babies. Great job!!!

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