"Good Job Marlies!"

Marlies’ mom, Jenny, was in my class when I taught 2’s and 3’s and 5th grade at FB Church. She was a smart little whip even then and liked to help care for the other little kids. Now she has a wonderful hubby and cute little daughter of her own — now 8-1/2 months old (see newborn shots here). We met at a park early one morning, surrounded by beautiful light and scenery — and disgusting goose poop at every turn making it near impossible to get on the ground for posing. Ugh, darn birds. The occasion? Oma and Opa (aka Margit and Gottlieb) were here on vacation from Austria and Roman’s brother David was visiting from the Bay Area. Unfortunately Marlies wasn’t feeling her best and wanted only her mom and dad but was a gem at the first of our session giving us lots of smiles. Opa was sweet and kept encouraging her by saying “Good job Marlies” throughout the morning. 🙂 What a cutie-pie she is.


Towards the middle of the photo session, she tuckered out and wanted nothing but mom, dad, and her binky. Life happens and binkies are a part of it!  Grandma Kathy gifted this photo session and came along for the show but was great at helping me with the reflector and entertaining Marlies along the way. Thanks Kathy, I appreciate you and Marlies adores you.

Every session I do I have a favorite photo or two. The next two below are my favorites of this shoot for several reasons. The natural nurturing of Jenny, the pensive look of a tired little one soaking up the love, and the colors and light of the morning.

Marlies had one more outfit to model … a special wool dress from Oma and Opa made by Steiner1888 where Gottlieb is a warehouse manager at one of their boiled wool factories. I loved the bright colors.

I wish time would have permitted me getting to know these people a little better. Margit runs a bed and breakfast at their home and both she and Gottlieb love the Lord — mentoring and counseling young adults. David is a photography hobbyist like myself — has even shot a couple of weddings. He’s a computer salesman by day, but likes adventure sports the rest of the time which is where his love of photography really shines says Jenny. I know the time spent with each other this vacation was treasured moments.

We thought Marlies was going to go to sleep but in the end she was ready to rock and roll and take a stroll! I loved how Oma and Opa seized the moment and jumped in the pictures. It was obvious they love this little girl very much and wanted to soak up any minutes they could have with her knowing they were leaving the next day.


Thank you Kathy for giving me the opportunity to take some family moments that I hope turn out to be in the family albums. What a sweet baby Marlies is. When she smiles, the room must light up for all of you. To the rest of you from afar, may your memories last and last of your trip to Boise. Love, Mary

Laura Higgs - May 18, 2012 - 7:15 PM

What a sweetie pie.
Great job as usual despite your circumstances

FairlyCandid.wordpress.com - May 18, 2012 - 7:56 PM

Thank you Laura, I’m happier hearing that.

Aubrey - May 20, 2012 - 1:21 PM

That beautiful red hair on Jenny & Marlies in her pink plaid jumper! It is too much & I love it! Fantastic pictures, Mary!

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