My g-babes are growing up! Sydney is 2-1/2 and has the cutest new haircut and Simone will be 4 months in a few days. Megan shared a video with me that I want to share with you in return. Her note simply said ”

“I would pay money to understand what Simone thinks is so funny about Syd- I love that she gets the best laughs…usually without even trying.  She just stumbles upon them and then keeps them coming.  I think it makes her feel extra special as a big sis. Love, A Giggling Mama”

To view it on You Tube, simply click on the following link then try not to giggle yourself. Dare ya. 😉

Molly Rank - September 19, 2012 - 11:07 PM

So fun! I love the belly laughs … and so fun for Sydney. Caleb still loves to laugh at Graham – at 16 months! Thanks for sharing.

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