Gavin Joseph [Newborn]

Congratulations to Dan, Leah, and Big Sister Hannah on the birth of Gavin Joseph who was born on Mother’s Day! Leah was due May 5 and found out the last month of her pregnancy that Gavin was breach. All attempts to turn the little rascal failed, so once labor began, she was given a C-section to welcome him into the world. He was all cheeks when I got to visit him in the hospital at one day old (as shown in the announcement picture below), and it was obvious at first sight that he was a snuggler as he was all cuddled up on his momma’s shoulder. Nice to hear he’s still that way. I got to photograph his chunky sweetness at 12 days old and Big Sister Hannah was so good while at my house photographing him. We photographed in my g-babes playroom and about an hour in she pointed to the pictures of Sydney and Simone on the wall and said “they look just like my cousins”. She’s never been to my house before so of course she didn’t know that but don’t we just assume they do? She was so cute about it. She’ll be three soon and is pretty smitten with Gavin — just as a big sister should be. Congratulations to all and to all a good snuggle! 🙂 Love. Mary

_MG_8393_WEB Gavin_MG_8602_web




So excited for you guys and I look forward to seeing Gavin grow over the years. He’ll have such fun with his cousin Cole being only a week younger than he is. Very fun! Love you guys! Mary

Megan - May 31, 2015 - 3:58 PM

Oh, those lips and cheeks and rolls oh my. I need to get his cuddly body in these auntie arms. Love love love the third and fifth ones down and some great ones of mom and dad and Gavin together. I can’t wait to see the ruckus Cole and him create!!

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