Fun Time Summer Time With the Ones I Love

I am having a blast this summer with my grandbabies! And in case you were wondering … no, I don’t always have a camera in their space or face (gol, what do you think I am — obsessive or something? Do not answer that) … but I figure since they are oblivious to it most of the time, why shouldn’t I get these wonderful memories? And besides, what’s a zoom lens made for anyway? I say most of the time because Sydney is definitely in tune to the camera. If I take a picture she will often run over to me and want to sit in my lap to see the image saying “Sissy, Sissy.” To take that a step further, she is convinced that every Tom, Dick, Harry and Nelda has her face on their cell phone just like she is on mine. Case in point, a friend of ours — but a total stranger to Sydney — was at Jacob’s wedding in July. As soon as she saw that cell phone dangling from his belt, she was like a raccoon with a shiny penny. “I hode dit. I hode dit.” as she nods her head up and down in the yes motion hoping you’ll give it to her. Really, she’s irresistible. Would I lie? But I do think I’m pretty clever, because if I want instant grandchild gratification all I have to do is bring out my camera or cell phone and I’ll have a cute pig-tailed 20-month old on my lap without even taking a single picture! Dang, I’m good!

If you’re opposed to an overdose of grandbaby pictures, stop right here because you’re gonna get baby-blasted! But … if you like children just because they are so darn cute (and naturally my grandbabies are), then read on. This post goes out to Great-Grandma Sue who always loves reading my blog to see her great-grandson from a distance. Thanks for all your sweet e-mails of appreciation, Sue! You need to come visit cause he’s even cuter in person. 🙂

MJ is the bigger cuddler of the two as proven with the photo of he and Auntie Meagan below. I told his mom that he is going to make a wonderful husband one day because of his cuddling skills which are really quite perfected already. He has the prettiest big brown eyes that are already noticing pretty young things (I heard he watched a voluptuous woman walk by the other day and he turned to his mom and said “boobies” — uh oh!). He will try to repeat anything you ask him to (and sometimes words you don’t want him to) and can be heard at any given time going around a tree or pole singing “ring rosie all faw dow.” He points randomly at things and says their names surprising me all the time with his new vocabulary, and if you don’t understand what he’s saying he’ll take your finger and say “show me” then lead you to whatever it is he is trying to explain. He can be so serious and shy when first meeting someone — but when he knows you and smiles — oh boy do his eyes twinkle. He has some interesting funny faces as he ponders something new and he is silly and smart and charming, this one. He’ll be two in October but I still like saying he’s 22 months because it sounds younger. I don’t particularly want him to grow up but it really is fun watching all the new things he (and Sydney) learns.

MJ loves to run, ride his trikes and trucks, and pretty much do anything that involves a ball. T-Ball, basketball, football, kicking balls, throwing balls … I personally think he’s a natural talent destined to be an All-Star one day. (Oh course you do Gramma.)

His latest craze is jumping. He jumps from the ottoman to the chair at our house and just laughs and laughs as he does it over and over and over. I’m sure there’s bound to be a boo-boo in his future, but I get my cues from his folks and if they don’t stop the fun, why should I?

I love MJ as the rug-rat he can be — all boy — all dirty — all charm — all strong (as shown here flexing his muscles). Looks like Mickey Mouse is following his lead.

And don’t you just love a manly-man on a Harley? (I better be careful cause my husband has had Harley envy for years and has been itchy to buy one.) I say “NOOOOOO!”

As for Sydney who is now 19 months, she is every bit as cute and fun as MJ with a girly quirky side which I love. She ponders things too — right before she does something she’s not supposed to (which is hardly ever considering the fact that I have perfect grandchildren). She is wonderfully independent and entertains herself well, can usually be seen wearing a purple beaded necklace at our house while walking around with a sippy cup of water (usually one of MJ’s because they always want each others), or maybe a mini 4-wheeler or blue Chevy, or a doll, or Waldo (from my son’s early elementary years). Waldo has been a big part of our summer. At first the kids were afraid of him and when I would hide him and say “where’s Waldo” they would cautiously look for him at my bidding only to point from a distance with glee when they found him … but they wouldn’t ever touch him and were in fact kind of scared of him. That has changed and Sydney now loves him, asks me to hide him, gives him rides on the airplane riding toy, rocks him in her rocking chair (that was her momma’s One Year Old present), and gives him swims in the pool or dog’s water (naturally when no one is watching cause he’s old and doesn’t like swimming). She loves riding the bike (when MJ will let her) and loves anything and everything to do with water — emphasis on the anything and everything to do with water. In Hawaii she was born, and in her soul is the love of water. In the first picture she is supposed to be handing out gum for her mom (she likes to unwrap it) but she is contemplating unwrapping it and bolting (which is what I think she did). Temptation can only be taken so long! Sometimes she tries to distract me while inching up on my resting camera by saying “HiYo” while flashing her big smile accompanied by shifty, big, round, steel-blue eyes that just melt me. She rocks the pig tails and has the prettiest red kissable lips. Being the adventurous and accidental type, she is always accompanied by a boo-boo somewhere on her body.

Sydney loves to jump too. She puts her arms in the air, wiggles her knees and leans forward. She thinks she’s big stuff (and she is).

She lights up and squeals with ultimate delight when she sees her favorite people (and for this post, that would be me or Grampa of course) 🙂 and will usually ask “up” at the base of my feet that of course I can’t resist. She loves food and wearing a hat, squeeeeealing in delight, yelling “nooooo” in distress, repeating new words (a favorite is “pot-tee chair” even though its not frequently used), and playing in the water. She is a book-worm and can finish her mom’s sentences when she quotes the line of a book, her numbers, or a song. If you think she’s not tuned in, you’re mistaken because she’s always aware of what is going on even if she doesn’t seem to be. She spontaneously breaks out singing her alphabet while eating or (not) sleeping. “ABC LMP Y”. She has the brightest smile that can disperse any thought of a bad mood and she is definitely the passionate one of the two and it shows all over her face when it’s something — or someone — she really, really, really loves. See if you can detect a theme here.

And one of my very favorite photos of the summer … and one that you have probably seen on the “I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Beautiful Eyes.”

This is Sydney’s Mommy … shown next to her favorite guy … Sydney’s Daddy. They were made for each other, these two. Like Jerry McGuire said in the movie (of the same name) “you complete me” and Dorothy’s response “you had me at hello“, this couple could be the continuing story of life after those famous lines.

Water play for the kids has been a huge part of the summer. They get all kinds of experiences with their folks at parks and pools, and if nothing else, we just have fun in the kiddie pool at our house. Over the 4th of July we went camping where there was a natural hot pool. We all went and enjoyed it thanks to this guy — my hubs — who took care of the bill. He is one generous guy this man of mine and we’ll be celebrating 36 years in a few weeks! Love you Babe. Oops, looks like you needed a little sunscreen. Watch that next time, will ya?

This is my son and daughter-in-law who are some pretty great parents. They are always looking out for MJ, teaching him stuff, playing hard, and letting him know he is loved. “Gramma, can you help me out here please!”

REMINDER: Sydney loves the water. Don’t make me repeat myself again!

Both kids loves bubbles and we always have a stock of them at our house. It’s one of our favorite activities to do together and while MJ is pretty good with them, it’s Sydney we have to watch.

She always tells me “Siddy do it. Hode dit.” so I try to let her hold it and teach her to blow but she insists on putting it right up to her mouth so of course that’s where all the bubbles end up. Yuk. I decided to bring Grampa into the equation to see if he could teach her. This is how it went down.

Grampa: “No Sydney, don’t put it in your mouth. Blow it like this.” [He demonstrates]

Sydney: “Ah Kay” [head nodding in agreement]. “Hode dit. Hode dit.” [She puts it in her mouth]

Grampa: “That’s yukky Sydney, don’t put it in your mouth or Grampa will have to take it away. Blow like this.” [He demonstrates]

Sydney: “Ah Kay” [Head nodding in agreement]. “I hode dit.” [She puts it in her mouth]

Grampa: “Sydney Reece, NOT in your mouth. Yukky.”

Sydney: “Ah Kay. Yukky.” [She puts it in her mouth]

Getting both families together is always just like I think it should be … relaxing … loud, messy, noisy, and always entertaining. I don’t have to worry about my grandkids acting up because all their parents are really mature.

Kudos to Robby who took this next picture that I love! You can see MJ’s twinkle and Sydney is sitting on my lap like she does often when she wants to look at my camera or cell phone or something else of interest which in this case would be my old jewelry box with lots of rings and necklaces and pins — many belonging to her mom from her growing up years. Oh, she was in heaven and handled everything in that box. MJ really liked the old childhood trolls and thought they were “fun-ney” (said in his deep voice). I used to wonder why I kept all this stuff … not anymore.

The kids play pretty well together … or is that around each other. There is definitely some Cousin Love between them.

I wonder sometimes why I don’t seem to get anything done in my house. The dishes pile up more than they ever did, the vacuuming get further behind, and forget about dusting … I have come to enjoy writing myself reminders in the dust (Reminder: Dust) … but when I look back over these photos and realize how much time I have spent photographing the kids, and the work it sometimes entails afterwards, I really don’t care. Seeing these photos on my blog, in my albums, and on my walls all remind me that this time in our lives is short-lived and what is important … no … who is important. I love having them come over and getting the chance to babysit but I do get tired, my back gets sore, my checkbook dwindles. Come to think of it I’m tired now!

OK kids, “NAP TIME!”

Ahhhhh, night night, sleep tight”. Gosh, I love my life!

Megan - August 15, 2011 - 8:36 AM

I’m not even sure where to start…I had such a delightful time reading this, crying some, laughing others and completely having my heart overwhelmed with love, joy and delight. You captured their personalities in the sweetest of ways, and I loved seeing all of the pictures that I’ve seen you snap, but haven’t SEEN. I’m not even going to start in on favorites, because there were too many- but I did love how you captured her coming out of the water when Robby dunked her.

Thanks for all you do- the snapshots, editing, bubbles, sleepovers, 2-kid putdowns, clothes and more. You spoil us all. Love you! - August 15, 2011 - 11:26 AM

Thanks for your sweet comments Meg. I had such fun pouring over all my pics seeing which ones would make the blog cut. It got a bit long (ya think?!). MOM XXO

Your Man - August 15, 2011 - 5:34 PM

Wow, I think I’m even becoming more of a softy than I thought. What great pics and moments that will never be forgotten. You are the greatest!!!!! Love

Megan - August 17, 2011 - 6:11 AM

Oops…forgot to mention how much I loved the Grampa/Sydney bubbly dialogue. PERFECTLY put!

Aubrey Archuleta - August 19, 2011 - 8:42 AM

So great, I just l.o.v.e.d. every bit of this post! Thanks for such a fun perspective on summa time with toddlers. Love the boobies comment & the bubble story, so entertaining, as we have all been there! - August 19, 2011 - 9:02 AM

Thank you Aubrey, I realize it was long so happy that you actually took the time to read the darn thing! It just kept growing and growing and you know how many pictures were “left behind” for me to wonder what to do with. My camera is a magnet to these kids.

Ali C - August 19, 2011 - 11:57 AM

Thanks for your kind words on my blog! Those are some seriously adorable grandbabies you have there! You can see your love in every image!

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