Fun Day Snow Day

So many of you out there have started off the new year with so many good intentions and probably even have a plan to carry it forward. Not me. I am terrible! I eat carbs and chocolate and sweet stuff all day while watching the scale tip skyward but for whatever (mental) reason I can’t seem to stop. At least I have been exercising at the gym again so maybe I’ll get on board with the food part eventually (hopefully sooner than later), but for now I am totally enjoying my winter hibernation. I watch TV more than I ever did; have enjoyed several Jodi Picoult books; movies, dinners, and games with friends and family are always a treat; and I still tinker at the computer trying to catch up on a backlog of family photos — but not as dedicated as I once was easily working till midnight and beyond. I sleep longer and better all the time. Last year’s house building and fall photo season really took a hit on me and I am enjoying the recuperation and laziness of my days, all while enjoying my house and g-babes to the fullest. I swear, on my days off I just want to be home! I’m sure this too shall pass as it warms up, but that said, there are things that get me out of my box of late.

I was thrilled last weekend when Danielle invited Mike and I to come sled with them, and happy to hear my daughter’s family was invited as well. I just love it when all the g-babes get together and I share their excitement to see one another. We ended up at Gateway Park on Horseshoe Bend Rd where there was plenty of man-made snow and a tubing hill that kept us active for hours. Mike and I and the g-babes even ended up having a picture on their FaceBook page so we’re famous! 🙂


Here’s my four excited g-babes waiting to start the morning. Jayden, 2-¾, his big brother MJ who turned 5 in October, Simone, looking a little worried, and big sis Sydney, a brand new 5 year old as of January 1st who is learning to ski this year. If you go to Gateway, get there when they open so you don’t have to wait so long at the top of the hill as it gets busier as the day goes on. Simone turns three on April 28 and the other night Megan was quizzing her about her birthday.

“How old are you right now Simone?” – – – “I’m two” she says, holding up two fingers.

“And how old are you going to be on your next birthday?” – – – “Three” she says holding up three fingers.

“And when is your birthday?” – – – Happy to answer these easy questions she says “My birthday is April 20 minutes.”

_MG_5316-1_Web-Meg-Simone-Jan 10 2015_edited-1

At the top and bottom of the hill was a nice young kid who pushed everyone off and then helped us older folks get out of our tubes. These kids had to be pooped at the end of their shift — they worked really hard!

_MG_5318-1_Web-Dani-Jayden-Jan 10 2015_edited-1


It looks like Grampa is ready to say a naughty word!


Danielle video taping the action.


Robby, big kid at heart, biffing it.


My son, Matt, giving the big kids a thrill. The heavier you are on the tubes, the faster you go-oh-oh-oh!

_MG_5359-1_WEB-Matt-MJ_MG_5366-1_WEB-Gateway Park

The big kids pulled their own tubes up the hill, but this is how Simone and Jayden got to do it. Lucky kids.

_MG_5337-1_web-Jayden-Jan 10 2015_edited-1


Is that a crash up above? Nope, just Danielle from behind a snow bank.


And there’s someone else on that tube with Syd below. Can you tell by the feet?


That’s some cousin love going on there folks. 🙂

_MG_5379-1_Web-Syd-MJ_MG_5321-1_WEB-Mary-Jan 9-2015

Oh, I really don’t want to do this!


I seemed to get a lot of Robby doing his thing while every time missing Matt! Errr. The big boys loved it.

_MG_5386-1_Web-Robby_MG_5413-1_Web-Gramma-Simone-Jayden-at 2¾-Jan 10 2015_edited-1

While Grampa and I were nervous at first, it was really fun. Did I get a free bowl of soup with that hat you’re asking. I think Mike did when he bought it for me. Hey, it’s warm.


_MG_5416-1_web_MG_5420-1_web_MG_5435-1_Web-Matt-MJ-Jan 10 2015_edited-1

The kids had just as much fun rolling down a little side hill.

_MG_5436-1_web_MG_5437-1_Web-MJ at 5-Jan 10 2015_edited-1_MG_5441-1_Web-Meg-Simone-Jan 10 2015_edited-1_MG_5339-1_WEB-Gateway Park_MG_5423-1_Web-Gerichs Family-Jan10 2015 at Gateway Park_edited-1_MG_5427-1_Web-Grma-pa w G-Babes-Jan 10 2015_edited-1_MG_5432-1_Web-All Family at Gateway Park-Jan 10 2015_edited-1With LOVE to my family for a wonderfully fun morning. And this, my friends, will be the cover to my 2015 family photo book. Love it!

Kathy - January 17, 2015 - 9:56 AM

Love, love, love the pics! Looked like pure fun!

Kathy G - January 17, 2015 - 10:45 AM

Look, I see space for another one, right between Grandma and Grandpa’s hearts.

Vince - January 17, 2015 - 10:48 AM

That looks like so much fun! Thanks for posting these.

Megan - January 17, 2015 - 10:53 AM

You got the BEST pictures!!! I loved seeing all of them- and have no clue how Robby didn’t bust his nose open when he biffed it! Thanks for taking pictures and giving those four grandkids such huge reasons to smile!

Robby - January 17, 2015 - 7:28 PM

That was a fun day! Thank you for taking such great photos, and for taking the time to share them as well.

Linda J - January 17, 2015 - 7:52 PM

Such fun. Mary, you might become a snow bunny yet!

Christina Seifrit - January 17, 2015 - 9:21 PM

Wow!! What beautiful pictures and such wonderful memories!!

Matt - January 18, 2015 - 8:53 AM

Thanks for coming with us and taking such great photos as well. Always a fun time when the whole family is there. Love all ya’ll.

Fairly Candid - January 20, 2015 - 1:36 PM

What sweet comments from all my family and friends. Thank you!

Sheila Clark - January 21, 2015 - 11:12 AM

Looks like a really fun day! Great photos that really captured the moments.

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