Family Portraits | Cottonwood

The thing I love about going to Cottonwood is the hospitality and how we are always made to feel at home and have access to anything we need (like a box of 175 individually wrapped York Patties that were extremely less in numbers by the time I left). The second thing I love is all the photos on the walls around the house that sing memory at every turn. There are some that go back to the beginning of our friendship with them — pre-kids. Our kids are now 25, 27, and 29 — crazy cause we aren’t really that old, are we?!  I love that as I walk around and look at all those photos, I recognize so many that I have taken for them over the years of their daughter, her marriage, and now with this post, their two beautiful grandbabies. I know that when we return for a visit in the future many of these photos of her daughter’s family will be posted on her frig or on her walls alongside some of the others. I love how Cheri decorates with photos and I left Cottonwood ready to go home and tear apart my photo albums to reframe some for the walls. (Unfortunately my motivation left once I got home!)

I found this field of flowers the day before the photo session and I have to give the crowd credit because not one person complained about climbing under the barbed wire up-hill to get there.

Thank you, Pat and Cheri, for being such good sports all morning and jumping in a picture or two! Hugs to my hubs for helping me too.

We lucked out with this old barn that had easy access and a little old house next door. While the sun was high in the sky preventing shooting at the front of the barn, we did have access to the side of it. If we would have gone to this place first, I seriously could have stayed there all day!

I originally had a cool picture that had the name of this next place but I took it out. You see, lots of time can be spent finding good locations and so I keep that secret for my clients. If you want to share it, then I’ll leave it up to you.


I’m ending with another favorite shot of Macy from the day before. I think we had a pretty good connection she and I, and I’m just sure she is saying “why do you have to go Mary?” We had a great time Pat and Cheri and promise it won’t be so long before our next visit. Until then keep the Mike’s cold, the burgers hot, and we’ll meet you on the deck! Love, Mary XX

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