Emily – The Big ONE-O!

While Grandma Laura (whom I consider a great friend and a co-worker) was working, and Daddy Josh was away moving the family from Houghton Michigan to Reno, Grandpa Dave, Beth, Isaac, and little sister Emily were at my house playing. Well, mostly Isaac and Grandpa were playing … us girls were trying to get pictures of a busy little girl who is about to turn the “BIG ONE-O” in June. She’s a speed crawler, a dare-devil, seemingly fearless, strong (just wait, you’ll see), has the most beautiful Gerber Baby lips and skin, amazing blue eyes, and well, just darn cute. While she isn’t officially a walker, she’s taken a few steps on her own and will be off and running in no time. Handsome Isaac, 3-1/2, came sporting a new hat and I think the first words out of his mouth when he walked into my house — having never been there before — were “when can we play?” I think you’ll agree these kids have some pretty sweet expressions. Beth, best of everything on your move to Reno, and enjoy not having snow in May!


Tracey - May 28, 2013 - 8:42 AM

These pictures are GREAT! Those Blue eyes are something else. They are beautiful. Looks like Emily is going to have curly hair. That diaper is pretty wild! They are really cute children!

Aubrey - June 11, 2013 - 8:23 PM

I think you have found the perfect way for me to curb the baby hunger! I need to start accompanying photographers on this type of shoot. Babies are just the best plus I could go home and sleep through the night 😉

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