Ella at 9 Months

This is Ella and she is 9 months old! That’s 9 months of hugs and kisses, diaper changes, smiles, pouts, wrapping her daddy around her finger, learning to crawl, to stand up, putting everything in her mouth, getting two teeth, and to just be a joy to everyone around her. She is a C-U-T-I-E! I had the honor of photographing Ella around Easter when she was 6 months old and she is still as much the fashionista as she was then. As a matter of fact, her folks drove up with the back of their SUV packed with cute little clothes that I got to help pick out. Oh my, so many choices, so little time!

I think what I love most about photographing babies is how they have to explore everything. Sure, everyone loves the smiling-at-the-camera photo, but how sweet are those pondering expressions as they pick at the grass, pick up a pine cone, a rock, a mud ball (and of course put every single one of them in their mouth). Craig was the best dad and kept pulling stuff from her mouth as either mom or Oma helped me in other ways. You know how they say it takes a village to raise a child? Well, it can take a village to photograph one too!

See this smile? It comes from seeing Oma holding a nice big “puff”. A puff is the healthier version of a bribe used today instead of Cheerios to get babies to crawl and do other stuff they wouldn’t normally do on demand. And you thought they were just cereal. Oh, silly you!

I’m telling you this baby has the most beautiful kissable lips. I know because I saw them being kissed plenty!

Different tones and the use of light lend themselves to different feelings don’t you think? Soft and sweet or bold and colorful … what’s your preference?

When you’re 9 months old and you find out the puffs are gone — well then, that’s a wrap folks!

Thank you Lori and Craig and Oma for this opportunity. Love, Mary

Sheila Webb Clark - June 28, 2011 - 5:07 AM

Gorgeous photos Mary!

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