The day before Easter, our church had a big party for our risen Lord — a community EGGSTRAVAGANZA! There were egg hunts (divided by ages), games and prizes, blow up houses, cake walks, music, horsey rides, Mac Daddy’s BBQ, snow cones, face painting, and probably lots of other stuff I’m not remembering. I had the fun of being one of the photographers to memorialize the big event and I am happy to share many of my shots of the morning with you. If you belong to FBC, please pass this post along (just copy and paste the URL above) to anyone you know who may be interested. For those who saw my very pregnant daughter-in-law and son there, and for those who haven’t heard, she had her baby on Easter afternoon at 1:29! His name is Jayden and he weighed 8.6 and was 20″ long. He’s sweeter than anything you’ll find in an Easter egg, that’s for sure! You can see pictures of him here with more coming very soon. What a wonderful (but freezing cold) community event, a wonderful memory, and a wonderful Savior we have. An awesome man of God who attended FBC for longer than I can remember — Armond Taylor — used to teach us to respond to his words of “He is risen!” with “He is risen indeed!” Armond passed away a few years ago but he is always in my memory at this time of year. So now, on with the show!

And while we are at FBC, I wanted to share a few pictures of Leah and Liz, now retired from full-time help in the Nursery. Leah has been coordinator for I believe three years! Not to worry, they’ll still be back volunteering once a month. Thanks girls, for luvin’ on all those babies.

Annette Butler - April 16, 2012 - 10:19 AM

Mary! So Fabulous!!

kathygrover - April 16, 2012 - 9:20 PM

You’ve done it again. My family has really enjoyed looking at all of these. But which is my favorite? Too close to call. But it might be Leah with the little girl with her tongue out. Or it might be Ken and Annie and Cindy at the Food Bank, watching the pony rides. Or it might be the girl in the pink sweater getting a pink butterfly painted on her face. Those are my top three votes for “best picture.” Oh wait, silly me. My favorite picture is Julia! - April 16, 2012 - 9:36 PM

Kathy, you make me laugh. Thanks for commenting on your favs. I always love hearing people’s favorites, which are usually my favorites as well — and of course Julia’s is my #1! 🙂 Saw you and your mom in the parking lot at church today as I was setting up to take staff and Leadership Board head shots. Yelled and yelled but you just ignored me then got in your car and sped off.

Liz - April 16, 2012 - 10:00 PM

Thanks for the picture of my boys! - April 16, 2012 - 10:15 PM

You are welcome!

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