Dinner and a Hair Cut

My girlfriend, Mary, and I have been thick friends since our junior high days when I lived across the street from North Jr. High and she lived a few blocks away in a different direction. She moved away for 15 years a few years out of high school but that didn’t stop us from keeping in touch with each other. She returned to Boise 18 years ago (wow, it’s been that long!) and has been my hairdresser ever since. Since her salons have always been in either Eagle or Star, we have always used my haircuts as an opportunity to have lunch or dinner together as a way to stay connected. We have one of those friendships where we can, and do, say what we want, when we want — but probably shouldn’t — and still love each other anyway. She’s taken some flack off me over the years because of my haircuts (she would say that’s putting it mildly) and yet I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else (well, that may not be entirely true — there may have been a time or two). She’s the kind of person you want to be around because she is so vivacious and another one of those hardy laughers (which I’m convinced you are either born with or you’re not). She is an artist who goes outside the box painting walls with crazy colors and interesting murals and stuff, let alone beautiful watercolor paintings. She has an eye for seeing something that has absolutely no potential and will turn it into something golden. She is a great listener and multitasked and lets stress slide off her back better than anyone I know. She is beautiful and funny as all get out and would do just about anything for any body if they needed something.

My girlfriend Gloria and I also hung out during the junior high years … and sometimes it was the three of us. We lost touch after high school but reunited three years ago when she ran into me (literally, but on purpose) at a BSU basketball game. She got the ball rolling to get us together for lunch where we talked the afternoon away like little school girls and still do every time we get together. She pulled out her pocket camera that visit (where Mary K. groaned and I was impressed) and then again on the second visit, and the third … sound familiar? Like you, I have learned to run with it and not fight it. Gloria is a smart girl with a quick wit and control about her. She is confident, slow to speak, quick to listen, quicker to assess, and gung-ho to help anyone make an improvement in any area asked of her whether it be with computer, power tool, painting, shopping, or sewing skills. Sometimes that drive gets her in over her head and then you can then hear her quoting the words “oh, just shoot me!” Gloria is ready for any adventure at any time (being that she is retired) and when the two or three of us are together we always have a great time.

The day these photos were taken was one of those “dinner and a hair cut” days when I needed a haircut and Gloria a tweak of color in her already naturally red hair. It was our second visit to Mary’s brand new salon … @Studio 321 (located at 321 Star Road) that she had just opened in February. It had been an old residential house that she saw potential in, then purchased, then fought city council, planning and zoning, city inspectors and the like with much exasperation and persistence to finally reach the finish line, if not gasping for air when she got there, but finally taking in the victory of what she had accomplished. The salon is still a work in progress but oh, the progress she’s made. We are so very very proud of her! I had my camera that day so we decided to do some before and after shots of Gloria’s hair. Mary’s shop is out in the country with skinny chickens and barking dogs close by and a garage that she placed a big red star on. When we were getting Gloria’s “after” shots, we surprisingly coaxed Mary into the scene. Had she known then that her picture might end up on some blog post, you can bet she would have high tailed it and run, but I hope I did her justice and that she would approve (but I’m too afraid to tell her to read this post!).

If you like taking drives in the country, or need a cut, style, wax, or color, check out Mary’s salon in Star but you can expect some changes over this early photo.

And tell her I sent you … just don’t tell her from where! Blawk, bok, bok, awwwk, bawk.

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