Day 5: Someone I Love

32 Day Photo Challenge. Day 5: Someone I Love (Text below picture)


Are you surprised that I would pick my dog for this challenge?! Aren’t there people in my life that I love more than a dog? Well, frankly, yes. But I can’t pick a child or a g-babe … that would show favoritism and I love them all, and since this challenge has to be a picture taken on the day of the theme if possible, I didn’t have the time to get one done of the whole family. I love my husband and could have put a picture of him on my blog I suppose …. errchh … why, that would have been a grand idea! Why didn’t I think of it? Oh wait, I did think of it … and actually snapped a picture of him reading last night. He vetoed it. Something about not looking so picture-worthy after golfing all afternoon, being tired, wearing camo, having his grannie glasses on reading a good book. Pff! I would have never been so vain! (I heard that!) OK, you win … Sammy it is! And I do love this dog even through all the annoyances a dog can bring. She sheds, stinks most of the time, stares you down when you’re eating, doesn’t always come back when she’s called, and usually snores when she sleeps. But on the other paw she loves unconditionally, stays on her designated rug most of the time, is good with the g-babes, does tricks, and just overall makes me feel better when I’m feeling blue. She’s a love, this one. Loves to fetch, loves to swim, loves to go camping, loves to eat cat poop, loves to (try) and give kisses. Yuck! She’ll be 11 years old this coming February, and is literally on her 3rd or 4th life … if she had been a cat with 9 of them that is. She was supposed to have died of cancer three years ago after she went lame and had huge tumors on her shoulders. They gave her 2-3 months to live, wanted to remove her leg and hip, wanted us to send her to Colorado for chemo, and when we denied all of that we were told to keep her from running, swimming, and playing with my son’s dog for fear she would break a bone in the action. After about two months we thought “hog wash”, this is no way for a dog to live — let alone a Golden Retriever who was born for all those things. So, we started bringing all those things back slowly and she did great! One day the tumors miraculously went away as well (I personally believe it was divine intervention because there were lots of prayers going out for this girl). Then again this summer she spent three days in the hospital after she went ill on a camping trip. She had an extremely high temperature that, to this day, remains unexplained of how and why she got it. She was one sick puppy and we were sure she was a goner. Fact is, I wasn’t ready for her to be a goner and so she got better (probably not just for me, but hey, I can think what I want, and once again there were lots of people praying for her). I’m sure you’ve all had at least one pet in your life that you feel as fondly about. She’s a sweetie, our Sammy … and the best part? She matches the hardwood. I like that. Her hair doesn’t show. 🙂


Linda J. - December 5, 2012 - 9:14 AM

I know that look!! Were you holding a treat Mary?

Fairly Candid - December 5, 2012 - 9:18 AM

Duh! I was standing on the kitchen counter throwing party mix. I had to edit out the drool. Ha ha!

Your Man - December 5, 2012 - 4:48 PM

Better looking than your old man anyway.

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