Day 32: Reflection

32 Day Photo Challenge. Day 31 – January 1, 2013: Reflection.

Happy New Year!!! Today is extra special because it’s Sydney’s 3rd Birthday! It’s the last day of the 32 Day Photo Challenge and today’s theme is perfect to reflect back on my favorite Sydney photos of the last 12 months. A year of memories never to be forgotten, a new one just beginning. Sydney was due on Christmas Day, but held off till New Year’s and what a joy she has been in our lives. My best to all of you and thank you for following my challenge. Don’t stay away, I’ll still be posting regularly! Love, Mary

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JANUARY: This first photo represents the little two year old who wore pig tails nearly everyday and first started playing what she calls “little girls” but which are officially “Loving Family” dolls. We went to Walmart together to buy a toy for Gramma’s house, came home with the van and a few dolls, and have been hooked ever since. The cardboard house was a favorite with both MJ and Sydney for months. It did eventually become known as either “The Poop House” or the “The Pooping Shed” however, because Syd would go in there every time she had to poop. She still wore diapers, was always a bit shy and always hid when she had to do her job. Over sharing, I know, but true.

FEBRUARY: After bath time I always sit Syd on my bathroom counter to dry her hair. She climbed in the sink, picked up my cheaters, and this is a favorite image still.

MARCH: My mom is 85, has 3 girls, 3 son-in-laws, 6 grandchildren (4 married), 8 great-grandchildren, and is active in each of our lives. If Sydney doesn’t always look up to her, I sure do.

APRIL: A big month in many ways and the hardest month to pick my favorite image. As for this picture, it was April 3rd, Megan’s 9th month of pregnancy but she would not have Simone until April 28, exactly two weeks overdue. Sydney can be a handful at times and and yet Megan always tries to bring out the best in her with patience and a positive attitude. The interaction between these two during this entire photo session is something I will always remember with a smile. (You can see the entire session by clicking here if you’d like.)

MAY: When Simone was 5 days old we did a newborn session at Megan’s house. I brought all my blankets and hair bows, this tutu and such. I was so surprised when Sydney came running into the room with a big smile, a tutu, a bow, and nothing else! Yes, I got some pictures I love that are on our walls, but in looking back it’s this one that draws me in. She always takes some coaxing and bribing to get her to do what we want as far as portraits are concerned, and my phone was always one of those coaxing tools (secondary to gum of course). We thought she was getting so big as a two year old … she was just a baby.

JUNE: We were invited to join Megan and Robby at the Eagle Rodeo, and afterwards walked over to the little carnival they had set up. This picture is special to me for two reasons. (1) I don’t get that many pictures taken of me with my g-babes because I’m always using the camera, and (2) I love Syd’s joyfully-wild personality. And one more thing, I made her laugh that hard … and I’m not very funny so I’m dang proud of that!

JULY: Our family loves to camp and we were at Cascade Lake for this next picture. Megan had given us all the nod that there were to be no s’mores with chocolate in them for Syd, because, really, she didn’t know the difference. Unbeknownst to all of us for a little while, Grampa was secretly feeding MJ and Sydney s’mores … with you guessed it … chocolate. There was no denying it with a face like that, that she loved the gooey goodness. Megan was a trooper and finally chilled (thanks Robby for helping us out there). 🙂

AUGUST: August is Fair Month. Sydney l-o-v-e-s the Fair and talked about it all year long and was so excited when it was finally here. She is an adventurer, this girl, and loved all the rides.

SEPTEMBER: My sister had an adventure day for the family where we were surprised with pony carriage rides. I guess Syd didn’t notice that it was a bit chilly on her backside. She took some time to potty train, but once she was, her underpants needed some training to stay up too.

OCTOBER: Like spit in a fry pan, that’s our Sydney. She had so much fun this day running around with MJ while I photographed the “punkin’s”. They were playing in the background, ran up for a quick (literally speaking) picture, then were off again. Love, love, love (and love) this picture for four different reasons. 🙂

NOVEMBER: This next picture is during the kids family photo session. She was in the picture … and then she wasn’t. She’s a quick one and she keeps me on my toes. This may be my favorite picture of the year.

DECEMBER: Santa love. She asked for a lollipop. She got a lollipop. Santa rocked.

Happy Birthday Sydney! Love you so much little girl. XXO Gramma

Happy Mommy - January 1, 2013 - 6:02 AM

This is my favorite post of the whole year. Thank you. I think you summed it up best when you said- “We thought she was getting so big as a two year old … she was just a baby.”

Fun to see your favorites and relive the year through them. So many good times with that little sweet pea we have.

I need a Kleenex. Make it a box of them.

your Man - January 1, 2013 - 8:21 AM

Great post babe. You always got her smiling, that’s because she loves her grandma. Good job on the 32 day challenge.

Gloria - January 2, 2013 - 9:37 AM

Mary….love, love, love this post on ‘reflection’ for a couple reasons. First, the photos are wonderful and capture Syd perfectly throughout the year. Great job! Second, the idea of reflecting back on Syd and making it your day 32 challenge for her 3rd year birthday was perfect and priceless! You must have been giddy thinking about this and keeping the surprise all through your challenge? Happy New Year my dear friend!

Aubrey - January 4, 2013 - 6:45 PM

I love seeing her through the months like this. I feel like I know her even though we’ve only met once. Little people are the best!

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