Day 30: Resolution

32 Day Photo Challenge. Day 30: Resolution.

I gained 4 pounds the month of December. 4 pounds. 4. Four. F-O-U-R! Not “FORE” (which might have been helpful had a golf ball really hit me up-side the head) but FOUR! It’s time for action dagnabit! New Year’s is just around the corner and resolutions are good, motivating, and life changing, right?! I’ll be a new woman in no time! Heck, no need to wait till New Year’s. I’ll start today! So I emptied out most of the goodies I have left in the cupboards (why be so drastic and get rid of everything since the kids might want something when they come to visit, right Honey?). I will destroy it before it destroys me! To be honest with myself and all of my readers, I had to add a package of Hostess Cup Cakes to the image seeing that I ate one entire package three days in a row this month from the vending machine at work. This needs to STOP! This poster will be a good visual to bring to light what I have actually been putting in my body. But no more by golly! No more! I am a new woman with a resolution to do better!!! Yes, I will do better! So, I walked to Jackson’s, bought a pack of Little Debbies (certainly not the same as Hostess but we sometimes have to make concessions for these challenges), and came home to do my photo for the day called “MOVE MORE EAT LESS CRAP”……………

Oh who am I kidding. I took my props outside to take the picture, then threw the candy and cookies in the garbage when I was done. While I was working on my first version on the computer I ate not just one, but both cupcakes in a matter of minutes. Moments later realized I had covered up the scale window where my text was to be so I headed outside again with all my props, dug the candy and cookies out of the trash, set up the scene only to realize I had eaten my main prop!!! I contemplated walking to Jackson’s again … but decided to Photoshop them back into my picture instead. Bad Mary. Bad. Bad. Bad Mary. Hey, there’s always tomorrow.

Mary - December 30, 2012 - 11:11 AM

You are so funny! Now I can read this and think I am the Mary. Hahaha

Becky - January 2, 2013 - 9:21 AM

Heard the other day that the average weight gain over the holidays is .8 lbs. Always knew you were above average. And knowing you, I’m sure you are already down a pound or two. Good luck.

Aubrey - January 4, 2013 - 6:43 PM

Oh how I laughed at this! So funny and so me, I’ve got a sweet tooth with way more resolve than me 😉

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