Day 25: Unwrapped

32 Day Photo Challenge. Day 25: Unwrapped.

Oh this theme is a fun one and I could spend all Christmas Day coming up with pictures for it I’m sure. I may add to this post later, but for now I am doing this post Christmas Eve night so that, as always, it will post on the correct day. Matt, Danielle, MJ, and Jayden spent most of Christmas Eve with us since no one had to work. They will then spend Christmas morning with Grammy and Aunt Meagan, Danielle’s mom and sister. We all agreed to treat it like Christmas Day so they came over in the morning for a traditional Christmas breakfast, followed by opening our gifts to one another. Danielle and Matt made all their gifts this year and told us ours was too big to wrap. Hmmmm? We were told to take the boys to their playroom while they brought our gifts in from the car and set them up. I had absolutely no idea what they could be … curiosity really killed the cat on this one. Now to set the stage, Matt and Danielle have been telling us they are done having children. Two boys complete their circle of love and it’s been perfectly clear there were no future Mouser’s on the horizon …. or at least I thought it was perfectly clear …. until I came down the stairs to see this. You tell me what you would think if you saw this?

I came down the stairs and saw the word B-A-B-Y, started crying and said “you’re going to have another baby?!” It wasn’t a split second before Danielle’s hands started flying back and forth, her head started shaking back and forth, and the words “NO! NO! NO! I’m not pregnant!” came spilling out of her mouth. She quickly added “it’s a backdrop for your newborns!” Oh my goodness! A backdrop! Once I believed them and stopped laughing and crying, I really got excited about my backdrop. I love it! And there are blocks to spell out words, a chalkboard, clothespins, and a book of poses. Is this a creative gift or what! And to show you how it looks in action, just check out Jayden below.

As for Mike’s gift, just give a look at this. It’s a piece of metal that Matt punched the letters out of. Then there is burlap on the back to add extra texture. We’re going to have it custom framed and proudly hang it. Thank you kids — great job both of you. And to the rest of you may you have (or hope you had) a day filled with the love of our Lord.

your Man - December 25, 2012 - 8:29 AM

The gifts were awesome. Phew! Really thought baby.

Aubrey - December 29, 2012 - 4:44 PM

Brilliant homemade gifts! Cannot wait to see some baby cheeks in action on that backdrop.

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