Day 17: Comforting

32 Day Photo Challenge. Day 18: Comforting.

I asked Mike tonight what comes to mind when he heard the word “comfort”. He instantly said “our trailor.” For those who don’t know we own a 25′ camp trailer … the brand? Komfort. 🙂 He then said laying on a warm beach or sitting in his easy chair with a drink and a good program. A few things that describes comfort to me would be Riggins, the seat warmers in my car, my shaggy slippers, and watching SURVIVOR — the only TV program I watch all week. I’ve watched it every year for something like 20 seasons (which is 10 years). Sitting downstairs in my easy chair, with my own remote, the fire place on, my green fuzzy blanket in my lap, and something yummy in my hand is pretty darn comforting.

But if you were a kid, and you got to see Santa and Mrs. Claus, as did 9 kids at my cousin’s annual family dinner last night, you would be comforted to see your name on Santa’s NICE LIST. Phew! Thank you Becky and Steve for another wonderful family dinner filled with lots of extended family — did I really count 41 or did I miss a few? And thank you Santa and Mrs. Claus for a great time. We all thought you were wonderful! Merry Christmas everyone!

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