Chad and Holly's Little Firecracker

Happy belated 4th everyone! I met Holly, Chad, and handsome little Ryker last fall for the first time when I took their family photos, and was so happy to get a call that they were ready for new pics! Ryker turns two in August and has changed so much — most noticeably in his height and speaking ability. I loved hearing him talk. Last fall I heard him say “duckie” but this session he was saying all kinds of cute stuff. This family warms my heart and were made for this adventure called parenting.

If you look closely, there is a black and white cat in the background to the right. He shows up in another picture as well. He tried his hardest to get into every picture (friendly neighborhood cat that he was) but Chad had to shoose (is that a word?) him away on several occasions.

One of my personal favorites of the session is the one below. These two are just so great together and the love shines through.

Seriously folks, check out these lashes.

God bless America and your family as well Chad and Holly. Thank you for the awesome opportunity to see all of you again and to be impressed by Ryker. What a cute little American he is. 🙂

Coming soon: Mirra AnnaLee’s newborn session.

Adi turns Two » - September 23, 2012 - 12:00 AM

[…] a reward for the photo session, we went to the playground where she immediately thought Ryker was going to be there since they go to parks together on play dates. Ryker’s mom, Holly, is […]

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