Casey – 2016 Senior

Meet Casey, a handsome blonde haired, navy-blue eyed, seventeen year old LaCrosse playing, Cross-County loving Patriot attending Centennial High and set to graduate 2016. Wait, there’s more. He’s also the youngest of three in the family and the first who will go on a mission after his graduation — destination unknown at this point. Wait, there’s even more. He’s the son of my other half at work! Cody, my job-share wonder woman, is his mom and I couldn’t be more excited to have had the opportunity to photograph him and show him off here on my blog. I love photographing seniors, and I love so many of these images — and I’m not even his mother! Casey has a killer serious smile and while his mom says he is a more serious kid (thus the AP classes and high GPA), she loves loves loves to see his big smile. So to appease mom, him, and me, we have lots of serious and lots of smiles. What’s your favorite?



This next one is a favorite just because of this photo bomber. BSU was having a fun race to support autism, and seeing the camera and a cute young man, this cute young woman stopped to pose with him and wish him the best in his senior year. Too fun. He should have gotten her number! (Just kidding Cody.) 🙂





Cody loves her baby. Very proud momma here as she should be.




My best to you in all your adventures Casey. Enjoy your senior year.

Aubrey - November 12, 2015 - 10:38 AM

CASEY! Parker played lacrosse on the same team last year! What a small world. Casey is the sweetest kid but on the field, watch out! He was the only player on the team to out-score Parker. I love these pictures. Perfectly handsome and masculine and even some love for mom.

Fairly Candid - November 12, 2015 - 11:13 AM

Small world is right. I’ll be sure Cody reads your comment. She’ll beam even more than usual. Casey will love hearing that too and congrats to Parker for being so aggressive on the field too. 🙂

Cody Myers - November 16, 2015 - 1:41 PM

Oh Aubrey it is a small world! I will tell Casey about your nice comment! He and Parker were sure fun to watch in lacrosse 🙂 Can’t believe we have a senior, boy does time fly! :)Mary does such a great job, she is very talented indeed 🙂

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