Cannon Beach 2014

It’s March. I know. But as a photographer there is always something that gets pushed to the side burner while I edit client sessions, or family sessions, play with g-babes, work on my yearly photo book, do the normal obligatory chores, watch TV, eat, sleep, work at my real job, and then do it all again. Cannon Beach 2014 made the sacrifice this year like a champ. I knew it would wait for me and it did. I love you Cannon Beach in more ways than one. Let me count the ways. 🙂

1. I get to spend quality time with wonderful Boise friends and two Gig Harbor friends the first weekend of October every year for four days and three nights. 2. I get to take in good spiritual food at the Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center — which is why we go in the first place — unless we skip a session to be on the beach (did I just say that?). 3. We get to shop Eddie Bauer Outlet Mall every year (don’t be a downer and tell me there’s two right here in Boise — it’s not the same. It’s not.) 4. Good. Food. Every. Day. 5. Haystack Rock (I love you Haystack – you never disappoint). 6. Great weather that we somehow seem to luck out on every year. We have no idea how that happens but we never once have complained about the sunny 65-70 degrees. (Apparently never complaining about that gets points with God? Ok, probably not, but we are very appreciative nonetheless.)

I could go on. I could. But you get the idea. This year we got in our cars and drove to new beaches never explored by some of us before. Something was going on in the ocean last year and we didn’t see the normal sea life, but it was heavenly just the same, and I can’t wait to do it again in 2015. Love to all my blog followers and friends. Enjoy, Mary




Linda J. - March 13, 2015 - 9:25 AM

Brings back memories so fond it creates longing to be there again right now. I know why you didn’t get to it until now, God was giving us all a gift five months later. That is a lovely picture of the Native American girl–I wasn’t with you for that one. Did you find her on the beach?

Fairly Candid - March 13, 2015 - 10:12 AM

Sweet note Linda. Perhaps you are right about the timing of the post, and yes, the Indian girl was down by Haystack Rock as the sun was setting. I asked permission to take her picture. Mary

Cannon Beach Seal - March 15, 2015 - 11:17 AM

OK, that one with the banana slug was just gross. He does not deserve to have his picture taken. Otherwise, nice job. I missed you guys again this year. I love to have my picture taken! Part of the problem with us seals and sea lions (and other marine life) is that global warming is messing with our habitat and food supply, making it hard for us to survive where we used to live. I might not be able to come back to Cannon Beach. But wherever I am, I will fondly think of all of you. Keep up the good work, Mary!

Mary - March 15, 2015 - 5:39 PM

Thank you KG! You are quite a sneaky little seal. For those reading that may not understand, one year we had an amazing seal on the beach that let everyone get close and take pictures.

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