Cannon Beach 2013

Aw, Cannon Beach, you know I love you. There were seven of us all together — two from Gig Harbor, WA, and the other five of us from Boise that got to go this past weekend — all of us friends for many years. There were four Kathy’s, two Mary’s and a “just Linda”. (We missed our Angie and another Kathy who weren’t able to attend this year.) The Boise group has made it three out of the last four years … with year five confirmed for next year! Mary J and Cathy V have been fortunate to go more years than they can remember. We go for the Christian Women’s Retreat which started Friday night, but arrived a day early as always just for the fun of it. We shopped in Portland, we shopped in Seaside, we shopped in Cannon Beach. We ate in Portland, we ate in Seaside, we ate in Cannon Beach. We walked the beach to fabulous Haystack Rock in the cold early mornings for low tide and in the afternoon for fun and sun. That beach is so beautiful and I can’t even tell you how good it is for the soul. The bunk room where several of us slept had beds as hard as concrete. Oh my, I couldn’t move after getting up that first morning, but the old bod adapted and the next two nights and mornings were much better (especially with our ear plugs to drown out all the snoring!) 🙂 In our four days we had some tears, forgetfulness, bedheads, games, cupcakes, chocolate, pains and gains, lots of fun and a few frustrations — such as having one wonderful driver (thanks Linda) with four navigators! We saw lots of scenery over and over and over and over in Portland (we flew to Portland then rented a van to drive the rest of the way). Above all we were grateful to be having the experience and we laughed and took everything in. We each had a goal of what we wanted to take away from the weekend, and I think we each accomplished most of those. Mine was to see God bigger, to not limit Him as I often do and the Conference speaker, Adelle Campbell Dickie, pretty much showed me that over the course of the conference. She spoke of a tragic accident that killed a 5-year old boy when he ran in front of her car when she was only 18. Then she married a few years later, only to learn two years after marriage that her husband had a terminal illness and was given 7-10 years to live. They went on to have two children and many years later, on the anniversary of the little boy’s death, her own daughter was hit by a driver and was told she wouldn’t live 24 hours. At the same time her husband’s illness worsened and Adelle was visiting intensive care for both her daughter and her husband. Her husband survived that hospitalization as did her daughter, and after months of therapy is now a grown woman with children of her own and does not have one lasting complication from that accident. She shared the amazing story of her husband’s death, and the story of her meeting her current husband many years later. She read the letters the Amish family had written her just two weeks after their son died, and again when they learned of her daughter’s accident. They were filled with love for Adelle and had nothing but complete forgiveness for her from the very beginning. When they learned of her 2nd wedding, they asked her to come to their house for dinner with her new husband as her family all wanted to meet her. There were at that time 14 children, their spouses and 16 grandchildren. Nervous to go, she found herself speechless when the mother gave her a wedding gift that she, her daughter’s, and daughter-in-laws had handmade for her … a white-on-white wedding quilt. Trust me, those stories showed me a bigger God and how he can walk a family in faith through the real-life trials and tragedies that can happen in anyone’s life! A BIG hug and thank you to my wonderful friends who made this trip the wonderful memory that it was. I love you all, Mary


Kathy S, “Just Linda”, Cathy V (Gig Harbor), Mary J (Gig Harbor), Kathy G, Kathy B, and Me

The Boise Troop stayed in this building called the Pacific View because it was about 30 yards off the beach. It had a sweet little backyard with two chairs … that I noticed the day we left!





Haystack Rock is pretty famous as you know … a 235′ “Sea Stack” and I think it’s so pretty. I can’t get enough of it when I’m there, and my camera can’t either. And while it may look the same to you in my pictures, it looks different to me every time I walk the beach. Some days were clear and sharp with muted colors throughout, others misty. Here, I’ll prove it.






The picture above and the next three below were taken with my iPhone 4.



On Saturday it was another beautiful day and the beach was filled with families playing. The little girls in the next few pictures struck my fancy so I asked their parents if I could snap a few pics.






Kathy B bought four little bottles to fill with the Pacific Ocean to take back to her grandkids. Kathy has a very bad back and hip so this was her first and only trip to the ocean so a meaningful one.





Low tide at Haystack coming next. There wasn’t as many varieties of sea creatures as in the past, but it’s still always fun looking. 🙂


The purple starfish in the next picture is the only purple one this color I saw in all four days. So unique we all are. 😉_MG_9185_web_MG_9188_web_MG_9190_web_MG_9191_web

Kathy G got a new camera and lens so guess who got to teach her a bit? Yep, me! Until her battery died and she realized she didn’t bring the right charger that is. Oops._MG_9197_web_MG_9199_web





And as all good things do, they come to an end as did our trip. There was this little kite shop in town that was painted so festive. So, I end with some glorious color. Love to God for all that He makes for our pleasure and enjoyment. Love to all of you for reading.


Linda J. - October 8, 2013 - 10:47 AM

It was, as always, so beautiful and memorable. What an amazing setting for bonding with six delightful friends (four Kathy’s, the two Mary’s)and just me. I feel blessed that God orchestrated our time there by providing amazing weather, once again, (one of these years God is going to give us some bad weather while we are there just to see if He can get our attention in the wind and rain as well as the sunshine), laughter (even while driving in the same circle over and over), tears, sharing our joys and fears, worshipping Him, eating good food, shopping, and putting our trials into the correct perspective. Thanks, Mary, for cataloguing our beautiful trip.

Megan - October 8, 2013 - 1:52 PM

I’m not a lover of cold oceans and breezes, but seeing all the gorgeous pics of haystack and the fun little creatures on it during low tide make me want to revisit. Fun to see it all through your lens. So happy for the lovely group of friends you run with.

Mary Jones - October 8, 2013 - 4:33 PM

Hi Mary I was so surprised and happy to see you had already written your story at Cannon Beach. It was truly a delight to be with all of you. Time has made out friendships even stronger. Thanks for soooo many good memorizes and looking forward to next year. I hope we will stay in touch thru the year. Love to you and your family. Love Mary J

Kathie Bassick - October 8, 2013 - 6:20 PM


These are wonderful pictures, and great photography, you have a wonderful ability to catch the light and subject at the perfect time. Thank you so much for documenting our trip. It was fun in spite of my meltdown and pain thresh hold. I would love to have some copies of these photo’s when they are available.


Kathy G. - October 9, 2013 - 10:23 PM

Reading my email and discovering this tonight was the perfect way to end this day and just what I needed to see at this moment. Every one of these pictures captured more than what the eye can see, beyond the physical realm.

Kathy - October 15, 2013 - 9:28 PM

Lovely pics. Looks like I missed another good year.

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