Bull Dog Tough

For 15 years the Mouser Family has been fortunate to rent a little house on the prairie owned by a cousin. We all fondly refer to the house as the “Ranch House” although we’re not really sure why that came to be. The house sits on an acre of property surrounded by endless miles of flat farmland to the North, and elk and deer-laden hills to the South. There have been many bitter-sweet memories formed there over the years for all of us, but for this year at least, we will not have access to it. For those who know us, and the reason behind it, we’re working on being okay with it and are so grateful that we’ve had it this long. Perhaps one day I will post some of the photos I have taken there over the years — there is definitely God-given beauty to behold. We went there this past weekend to take home some, but not many, of the belongings we have acquired over the years. Most of the furniture, dishes, bedding, etc. stayed with the old home, being old themselves, but a few things made it to the trailer. One thing that was going home was the old Jeep Pickup that we bounce around in for hunting, or take for late-evening drives to scope out the wildlife. It stays in the old garage covered in mouse and bird poop, is faded and rusted, noisy as all get out — but it’s ours and was going home.

Jeep 4000 4 Wheel-Drive

It fit well with the old gas pump on the property.

It’s supposed to be a tough pick-up, and for the most part it is. My son? Tough? Not exactly. Oh he can look tough enough, and I suppose if push came to shove he’d shove you right off the planet to protect his family, but inside he’s really a softie — like his dad. I love this next picture because of that look that we see so often — right before he flashes a big ol’ smile. This picture has “I’m a little tough, I’m a little cool, you know it, and I know it too” written all over it.

We had a caravan of trucks coming home. Mike and I led in our big Chevy truck pulling the trailer, followed by Matt in the Jeep, with Danielle taking up the rear in our Ford Ranger. We stopped to have lunch in Mtn. Home and as we were heading in the door I was telling Matt something to which he said “WHAT DID YOU SAY? I CAN’T HEAR YOU. THE JEEP’S A BIT NOISY!” He’s a witty funny one my son. I laughed and he added “but it sure drives good.” Oops, he shouldn’t have said that because after leaving the restaurant the Jeep wouldn’t start but the guys jumped it and then we were off. Twenty minutes later a call came in from Matt saying it wasn’t driving so well, then a few minutes later it died on the side of the freeway. Oh boy. Once again the guys came to the rescue with a tow rope and once again we were off, luckily being able to get off the road at Blackscreek to take the back road home. You know the words on the side mirrors that often say “Beware, objects in your mirror are closer than they appear?” So true. Like 10 feet close. Like in a Jeep with no brakes or steering behind a new Chevy truck close. Yea, Matt had a few sweat beads over that ride home.

We made it home safely and the Jeep was pushed into the lot at our Machine Shop. I love that guys have all the know-how for this kind of stuff. And when push comes to shove, those two handsome guys of mine? Well, in my opinion they are just bull-dog tough.

botut - June 1, 2011 - 8:59 PM

Mary these pictures just keep getting better and better. I love this post. I’m coming for a visit – that’s how inspiried I am! And if you didn’t disclose your son’s soft side I’d think he was a “roughie” for sure! LOL

FairlyCandid.wordpress.com - June 1, 2011 - 9:06 PM

I’ve got my calendar opened! I have a spare room! I have a part time job with lots of vacation built up! Now, when ya comin’. Roughie? Matt doesn’t care much for roughage. He’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy. Thanks for the strokes.

Aubrey Archuleta - June 3, 2011 - 9:32 AM

I agree, the pics just keep getting better. You blow me away, Mary!

FairlyCandid.wordpress.com - June 3, 2011 - 4:35 PM

I luv hearing that. 😉

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