Boy oh Boy(s)!

I am fortunate to have two jobs that I love. One as a part-time receptionist at a prestigious law firm in downtown Boise, and the other as Fairly Candid. Sometimes the two intertwine as I photograph people I work with — or in this case for. Susan is the Executive Director of the firm and one of the most kind and driven business women I know. She’s so down-to-earth, and her 7-year old twins, James and Gregory,¬†are everything boys should be — funny, rambunctious, and wiggly, making for a very fun hour. Susan, Todd, Grandma Jean, and James (in red) and Gregory (in blue) all let their silly side out at some time or another. As for me, I always have fun!


[…] when I first saw the boys I thought they looked about the same size … until I looked back at last years, and holy moly, those boys have grown! Missing teeth (James), new teeth (Greg), and about three […]

[…] reading back to my first session with Susan, Todd, and the boys (October 2012 found here), I wrote “I am fortunate to have two jobs that I love. One as a part time receptionist at a […]

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