Bombarded with Cuteness

“You’re about to be bombarded with cuteness!” I think that’s what my daughter said when I told her I was photographing her friend Christine’s kids and their cousins … she was right! Cute, cute, cute, and cute. There was Quincy, age 10, his brother Cooper, 2, and cousins Aiden, 4, and Skip, 2, looking so smart and handsome in their outfits from Grandma. I started with Quincy because he was the first to arrive and was ready to be a star. He is such a polite kid, very social, and takes teasing very well. I know cause all the mom’s were really laying it on. 🙂 All in love Quincy … all in love. He’s in 4th grade and while I didn’t ask how tall he is now, he was too tall to stand up for my background! Christine spent lots of time at our house during those high school years and she has become a wonderful mother and wife with such a nice family. I only wish I could have gotten to talk some, but it was all business with four boys to keep entertained. So, let’s get on with those boys, shall we? First up, Quincy.


Quincy’s little brother is Cooper. He is two (almost three) and reminds me a little of Sydney with his boundless energy, faces, and laughter and aren’t his curls just the cutest! I’m guessing he may be a little accident prone as well because I sure edited out enough bruises!

Christine’s brother, Billy, has a handsome little fellow named Aiden who is four. It’s been since the high school days that I’ve seen Billy, but I thought Aiden looked a bit like him. He was mindful but tentative, and wouldn’t fall for the silly words and cheers from myself or the mom’s. I imagine he might be a thinker, taking everything in before assessing the situation. Nothing wrong with that.

Christine’s sister, Jenny, lives back east so doesn’t get to Boise much. I hadn’t seen her in years and her little guy, Skip, looks a lot like her. He’s two and so cute. He was a bit shy at first coming into a stranger’s home with three mom’s trying to get him to smile. He just needed a little time to settle in, play awhile, and take it all in.

And now it’s time for the whole bunch of these handsome boys.

Just so you know, we weren’t trying to be silly with these pictures. I was aiming for  that “four sweet boys looking at the camera nicely” kind of picture.

You know, the kind you put above your mantle at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

But this is what I got. And to think I almost discarded these ones. Tragic.

I was just trying to keep them all seated and in one spot. Is that too much to ask? So I tried a little game.

It was fun until I got hazed with four perfect aimers.

I should have guessed this would happen since Quincy and Cooper’s dad is Jason Ellis who played basketball at BSU, overseas, and is currently playing for The Stampede.

But I persisted. I was not giving up!

And I think these next ones are pretty darn cute. Some of them actually have smiles on their faces!

And that’s a wrap folks. Hope you enjoyed these cuties as much as I did!

Megan - March 29, 2013 - 9:54 PM

Oh my handsomness!!! I love the outfits!!! I love the faces!

My favorites: Quincy’s first and last. Those eyes are gorgeous! Coopers squish face with those big sweet lips. My favorite of all four boys was the first unintentional goofy one…that needs to make it into a frame.

I can’t believe how much Aiden is a mini Billy and Skip looks like Grampa Joe to me.

Now, if we could just get a little lady in that picture…. 😉

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