Birthday Girls – Lily and Addi

I had the fun of getting to see my girlfriend Gloria and her two granddaughters a week ago for birthday pics. Addi was a Valentine’s baby and is now 13 months. She’s not walking yet but that will come soon enough and then her parents and grandparents will really have a hard time keeping up with her … we had to put her on a stool to keep her from crawling out of every picture! If you are born on Valentine’s day and you turn one on Valentine’s Day, is it technically your first Valentine’s Day? Well, I don’t know for sure, but one thing I do know is this little girl is a cutie. Her eyes are such a pretty blue and her two little bottom teeth are adorable. She couldn’t have been better for her session too … often showing her more serious side which are some of my favorite pictures. And then there is her cousin Lily, also born in February. She turned four and was sporting some new bangs — a new haircut that she did herself. 😉 Her skin is like china and her hair the prettiest strawberry blonde. Such sweet girls who get cousin time with their grandma and grampa every Monday. Lucky girls.



One of my favorite pictures of Addi coming up. This is so her personality to take everything in.


Lily is at that magical age where you say “sit here” and guess what? She sits there! Such a sweet little girl.

_MG_7538_web_MG_7540_web_MG_7545_webAddi had a Minnie Mouse First Birthday theme and this is the dress she wore. Probably the smile too. 🙂


Patty cake patty cake …


Lily wanted to show me her dance moves. I was impressed. 😉


Thank you Gloria for the opportunity to capture your girls again. We need to do a playdate!

Sara - March 20, 2016 - 8:19 PM

Mary, you’ve done it again! You captured Addi so beautifully, and those eyes! ❤ I love the pictures of the two girls together too! They sure do adore each other and you captured it perfectly! I cannot thank you enough for snapping these memories for us!

Fairly Candid - March 21, 2016 - 11:41 AM

Thank you Sara. She does have pretty eyes … and pretty much everything else. 🙂

Vince - March 21, 2016 - 8:52 PM

I like these indoor shots almost more than the exteriors. They’re just so pristine, and they keep the focus solely on your subjects. (Pretty adorable subjects here, by the way.)

Mary Mouser - March 22, 2016 - 8:01 PM

Thanks Vince. I think I agree for the most part. 🙂

Dawn - March 23, 2016 - 8:39 AM

Thank you Mary, for capturing the sweet side of my… feisty.. child. I am going to blow one up to hang in my office. 😀

Fairly Candid - March 26, 2016 - 10:34 PM

It was all my fun Dawn. What a little sweet lady Lily is growing up to be. She always was but she just seems so grown up to me now. Very polite and funny … as in “banana!” I’m sure you get the joke. 🙂

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