Ben, Farrah, and Maya

When I photograph little babies or toddlers, I can’t help think of the stages my own g-babes were in — or are about to be in — and this is one of my favorite stages — just learning to walk. They are learning something new every day and taking in everything around them. They are so big but so small if you know what I mean. Maya is around 11 months and just getting ready to take off! She still had her little wobbly legs to stand and would usually sit down to crawl rather than try to walk. What a sweet, cute, adorable little girl these two have. And then there’s “Zoe”, Ben and Farrah’s first baby who goes everywhere with them and is 7 years old. Friends of ours will look at these pictures and think I brought our dog Sammy along, but after taking a closer look will realize Zoe is much cleaner than Sammy! Now I have a terrible confession to make … I kept calling Maya Zoe! My apologies (again)! This family is friends with a co-worker of mine, so a shout out of thanks to Sheila for her referral. Merry Christmas you guys … I think this Christmas will be a fun one!

Sheila Clark - November 30, 2012 - 10:15 AM

What gorgeous photos! Brought tears to my eyes… What a beautiful family!

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