Beau Neuroth

Here’s Beau, handsome, quiet, and a bit shy with a Zac Efron smile (says me) and a serious James Dean look (says his mom). His mom, Patti, is one of the people who help keep me in shape so I can still keep up with these young people! She’s an instructor at Gold’s Gym teaching aerobic and pump classes that I attend. As for Beau, he wants to attend CSI and has a desire to be an entrepreneur – the second senior so far to say that. Impressive. Beau is involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, attends Rocky Mountain High School, and works at The Village Cinemas (where my grandson and I got to see him just the other day when we went to see the Lego Ninja Ninjago movie.) It was great meeting you Beau (and you too Brad). Enjoy your senior year! 🙂 Mary

Tracey - October 30, 2017 - 8:23 AM

Mary these are wonderful. The only problem is I think it takes more effort to not smile. He is quite handsome and looks relaxed when he smiles. He doesn’t look like a serious person. Love the areas you chose to take the shots. Great scenery and great person to work with. Parents take great pictures also.

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