April-May-June with my G-Babes

Yes, I realize it’s not Spring any longer, but I have a busy life and things take time you know. I am feeling fabulously free for having these done (and another five for each of these) and naturally I just have to share them! And just because you’ve mostly seen Cole on my blog as some of his 12 months came and went, don’t think for a hot second that my camera hasn’t been pointed at the others as well. It’s been a busy spring in the Mouser/Gerichs households. My goodness we had two turn four in April, soccer, swim lessons, parent vacations, dance recitals, t-ball, school programs, two kindergarten graduations, and Cole turning one. There’s never a dull moment. 🙂

Jayden, is now our 4 year old middle grandson. He turned four the first week of April and he wears fourhood well. He’s a big copy cat of everything his older brother MJ does, says, wants to do, wants to go, wear, eat, speak, sleep. The only way he’s different that I’ve really noticed is that Jayden prefers baths and MJ prefers showers and Jayden likes to eat all day long while MJ eats mostly three squares … at least at my house. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream? Well, particularly Jayden while doing the happy dance. Apples? Yes please. Quiet? Nope. Shy? A little with others. Lovable and huggable? All the time. Jayden can be in the bathroom going #2 and he’ll yell out to me “Gramma, I love you and you’re my best friend!” (Then I go wipe his butt. TMI?) For his birthday one-on-one with Grampa and I we took him to the zoo, to eat Mexican food, then randomly to the Capitol building which was a huge hit that made his brother jealous in a big way so we went back there a month later to take MJ. The boys loved it. Here’s Jaydie-Bug, Buggie, Jay, Handsome.
_MG_8146_web_MG_8125_JAY WEBjpg

I had to take Jayden’s picture by this post outside the Capitol building because we had a 16×20 senior picture of his dad at this very same spot. I was just being sentimental. I’m sure his dad had this very same “I’m cute and I know it” look on his face at the time. Right Matt?


Matt and Danielle went to Cancun, Mexico for an 8-day trip mid-April and we got to watch the boys. One day our adventure was to the river behind Veteran’s Park that was swollen at the time. We did find one little safe place to get in the water and a climbing tree that was perfect for the boys to climb without assistance.

_MG_8463_web_MG_8467_Tree Web_MG_8486_web

Taking the boys to the YMCA for swim lessons two times that week was on the agenda.


An unplanned photo session makes for the best times with new four year olds. Jayden and I took a scooter ride with camera in hand. Below is what we came up with. He would stop and say “this is a good place Gramma” then would pose. I just want to eat you up Jayden. His shirt is a hand me down from MJ. I remember when I first bought it … MJ wore it out of the store and to bed that night and the next day and the next night I think. It reminds me of when Matt was going into high school and he was freaked out thinking the older boys would haze him so he wanted to look older so grew an Abe Lincoln blonde beard. True story. The boys left him alone and he shaved it later that year. Smart son I have. This boy is a little clone of his daddy if there ever was one.


This is Sydney’s end of the year music program for Kindergarten (AM and PM classes). Can you find Sunshine Sydney? She’s in the upper left hand corner on the top row — the place they reserve for the tallest kid in the class. 🙂


And this little guy wasn’t paying attention to the program but having a great time with daddy instead. Just melt me now.


Simone was in pre-school that morning so missed Syd’s program, but it was actually her 4th birthday (late April) and she had cupcakes to pass out so wouldn’t have wanted to miss that … but we all did a little surprise arrival on her and took her out of class early. This is me catching her surprise through the glass window. That smile lights up a room.


The girls had a Fairy Garden Birthday Party to attend and so they came over and Meg and I dressed them up and I painted their faces from images I found on Google. Simone was over the moon with hers and Syd’s opinion? “It’s ok“. That girl is my honest one and if you ask her a question you’d better be prepared for her honest answer. 🙂

_MG_8117_web_edited-1_MG_8113_MONE web_MG_8115_SYD WEB

May had the boys playing t-ball for the first time and they got to be together on the same team. Grampa and I worked with them all week while the folks were in Mexico and I got to take them to their first game. It was pretty dang cute watching total chaos explode on the field. This is the following week’s practice and the boys were starting to get it after practicing all week. While the other boys were running around, Jayden and MJ patiently waited their turn to get some Coach time.


Proud true moment … at one point the Coach grounded the ball to Jayden who picked it up and made a great throw to the Coach. When Coach complimented him on his throw, MJ was the one who yelled out “My grampa taught him that! My grampa taught him that!”


And while the boys are practicing t-ball, Sydney is playing her second year on an all girl soccer team that she loves, loves, loves. It was fun to see her being more aggressive this year and getting the concept of the game more. Her long legs were made for this sport. She played basketball in the winter and well, it wasn’t quite her game. She kept covering her head whenever anybody threw the basketball. My guess is she’d had her share of balls land on her head!



And sometimes while big sister plays, little sister gets ansi and daddy has to toss her around a bit … literally. 🙂


Go Sydney go … and now it’s game time for the boys! Jayden makes a big hit and runs to first …


… and Grampa has to hold him back on second. Let me go Grampa, I can make it.


Then it’s “Slugger’s” turn up to bat. He swings, he connects, he runs! Run MJ run! He passes first, he passes second, he jumps past third where his mom is coaching him, he’s home and he scores! It’s a grand slam!!! And the crowd goes wild. (It’s no matter that the last batter always gets a grand slam.) 🙂


Simone turned four at the end of April, three weeks after Jayden. The following pictures were taken at her birthday party, but this little guy stole the show. He was two weeks from turning one.


For Simone’s birthday one-on-one with Grampa and I she wanted to go to Ceramica as her sister did on her birthday. She picked out this cute little unicorn to paint and took the process very seriously. She then helped me paint my butterfly. All the details on each of the four wings are Simone’s additions. They turned out so bright and colorful once they were fired.

_MG_8906_Simone at Ceramica for 4th bday 1 on 1-May 1 20161_MG_8913_web

Simone is a beautiful little girl, with big brown eyes and sweet lips. She is so girly looking and so sweet and agreeable and easy to get along with … most of the time. But she’s a wild card this one … always keeping things lively. For every picture that she sits and gives a sweet smile, there are four more with her making her faces or posing in crazy ways. I just take the picture because that’s who she is and one day when she has a child like herself I can show her pictures and say “see, you were that way.” A ha ha ha. Simone is hard to describe. She is always keeping me guessing … playing and using her imagination like none other is her forte. One day I took her home and brought the doll house and princesses into my office so I could work on edits. While she played I was trying to write down the things she was saying: Did she hurt you? Ya. Don’t do that to my princess. If you do that one more time I will kill you. I’m not kidding you. What are you doing here Anna? I want to marry you. Please Elsa don’t leave me here. Don’t leave me. Ahh! Elsa! Just go! Elsa needs to stay in her cage. I don’t want to play with Elsa. How many times do I have to tell you? You lied. That was my last hug and my last kiss. From that point on I put my pencil down. Probably best. After Ceramica she wanted chicken nuggets. Well, this child has probably never been to a fast food restaurant for chicken nuggets so we had a heck of a time figuring out where to take her. Mike and I called Sockeye Grill and landed there for a big plate of beer-battered chicken strips that were soooo good. Simone dug in and never said a word and just ate and ate and ate. Finally I asked if I could try one and she said yes and Mike and I shared it. Later, I asked if I could share another one with Grampa and she said yes. I offered him a bite, he said no, so I ate it all by myself. When she had one left and was finally full, she looked at Grampa and asked if he would like it. She then looked me square in the eye and said “This is for Grampa and not you because when you asked for one and said you were going to share it with Grampa you didn’t and ate it all yourself. You lied.” Well, she had me on that one! She is a funny duck, this girl, and I love the uniqueness that she is. She’s a lover and a fighter all in one. She always gives me a hug when she arrives and whispers her wishes into my ear. She said she was practicing her scooter riding skills so she could keep up with the rest of us. Love that. Love you Simone. XXO


She told Grampa no when he asked for a bite of her ice cream sandwich but when I reminded her who paid for the ice cream she reneged and said he could have a tiny bite. Gotta love this girl. 🙂


In May Sydney had her dance recital at the Nampa Civic Center. I’d tell you where she was taught, but I forget. 🙁 Like Megan in her dance classes many years ago, Sydney rises above (in height)! Megan says Sydney loves the costumes and make-up but not so much the practices. She may not be going next year. Time will tell. Still, she was pretty dang cute. Simone started off the semester in dance but then went back to gymnastics. Do I have any recent pictures of gymnastics to show you? Nope. Hey, there’s only one gramma and five g-babes to keep up with!


May brought Cole’s first birthday — hard to believe it’s already here. He started walking a short time beforehand so he was going full guns at his party. His cousin, Gavin, was born exactly one week before him, so just like in our side of the family with cousins 10 weeks and 3 weeks apart, the Gerichs side has close cousins as well which I’m so happy about. Anyhoo, Cole wasn’t all that excited that Gavin was riding one of his new cars. It’s so hard to share. 🙂


And he’s already reading at age one. So smart this g-babe! 😉


I watched Cole every other Tuesday when Megan helped in Syd’s kindergarten class. This particular day after playing trucks we went outside where he found the rocks and entertained himself there a good 20 minutes.


MJ and Sydney, our 6 year olds, are now officially First Graders. I really don’t like the sound of that but it’s happening any way. They have grown up so much this past year and say smarter things, ask harder questions, and respond more responsibly — their moms and dads are doing an awesome job of raising nice little citizens who behave and are polite. Sydney looks so much different to me than when she started Kindergarten and like MJ just grows taller and stronger and more sweet each day. MJ has lost several teeth and Sydney not a one until a dentist visit late June pulled four bottom teeth that weren’t allowing the others to come in. I got the joy of working in their classrooms once or twice so got to see them interact with the other kids and the other kids with them. They are kind kids and non-disruptive and have made good friendships. They loved learning and loved their teachers and the feeling was mutual. MJ’s graduation just made us laugh. The kid couldn’t have been more nervous to walk up in front of everyone to get his diploma. After that he was all smiles. Here’s some pictures of our little think tanks on their special graduation days.

Sydney had a graduation program and ceremony as well — although a bit different than MJ’s. The teacher had them come through the line and ask each student what they wanted to be when they grew up. There were so many different answers and some pauses after the question as they thought about it. Not Sydney, she knew instantly. “Sydney, what do you want to be when you grow up?” A mommy was her simple answer, but if you’ll read her journal below she adds a line to her answer. Oh this girl cracks me up with her honesty!


This is my rarely photographed (with a smile) momma who hates the camera. She turns 89 this August, lives alone, and still drives. She had a bad case of pneumonia this Spring and was hospitalized a week giving us all a scare, but she’s a feisty young thing and is doing much better. 🙂


If you didn’t catch Cole’s ONE YEAR photo session you can see it here. He is a momma’s boy right now, but Sydney is a close second when she isn’t around. He’ll take her any day over me. When he’s crying and upset and doesn’t want me, she just pops her hip out, steadies him on it and whispers little love messages while patting his shoulder. He loves her to pieces and vice versa. She wants to be a mommy when she grows up but does she realize she’ll have to clean up stuff like this?! XXO.


May had us in tears when as a family we had to take Sammy to the vet to say goodbye after 14 years. She had seriously lived 4-5 lives this dog, refusing each time to die. She definitely had a zest for life. In spite of the fact that she looks pretty good in this picture she was quite ill. I won’t go into detail except to say it was very hard on each of us. Matt went to pick Sammy out by himself when he was starting his senior year of high school. She lived with us for 12 years and the last two years with Matt and Danielle after we sold our house, moved into an apartment, and then went through the home building process. They informed us she would not be coming back to our house after that. We can’t thank them enough for all the love they gave this old girl. She was loved by all. We filled a bucket with tears this day but are so grateful for the time we had with her. Jayden to this day asks Jesus to give her a hug and a kiss for him. I’m sure Jesus is happy to comply.


Ever kiss a chicken? They don’t particularly like it.


My g-babes have always loved Danik Gym and so does my camera. The kids are so adventurous there. Jayden is a maniac with no fear and jumped off the 12 foot wall into the foam pit over and over and over. MJ did it a few times, but never Syd or Simone. Syd wanted to though … so so so badly! Poor girl, she climbed up the platform then down the platform, then up the platform, then down the platform … she just couldn’t get her guts up to do it. Megan even did it trying to encourage her. She about peed her pants … and me too from laughing.


Father’s Day ends our Spring as summer began a few days after. The Mouser’s all went golfing while the Gerichs traveled for Robby’s Regional meetings for Edward Jones so we had them over a few days later. I have bragging rights on the wonderful dad’s in our family. Matt and Robby are such involved active dads with their kiddos and we couldn’t be more proud of both of them. And thank you Grampa for being the ultimate dad. Love you all! XXO


dad - July 10, 2016 - 7:29 AM

Wow, babe you really captured it all. Loved all the pics and stories and all the memories. But none of this could have happened without you. {none of it} You’re the greatest behind the camera or in front of it. Love ya. Me

Fairly Candid - July 10, 2016 - 8:40 AM

You’re the best Babe … you said exactly what I told you to. Haha! Love you much. Me

Megan - July 10, 2016 - 9:09 AM

How fun to sit down and read this this morning! I love your writing, and so many fun pictures that I hadn’t seen! Too many favorites to pick, but the four-year-old photoshoot with Simone was a sweet surprise.

Thank you for always documenting our lives! You are SO loved, Mom!

Linda S. Johnston - July 11, 2016 - 5:27 PM

Great memories and there you are with all that wonderful photographic proof. Terrific photos, Mary.

matt - July 11, 2016 - 6:03 PM

Mom, not only did I read every single word, but cried also. Two things I don’t do well. Thank you and love you mom.

Fairly Candid - July 11, 2016 - 9:07 PM

Thank you Linda, it means a lot that you suffered through such a long post!!! What a friend. 🙂

Fairly Candid - July 11, 2016 - 9:09 PM

Matt, your words and Megan’s meant the world to me. I love your kids and I love how my kids love their kids. I’m a lucky mom and gramma in every way.

Vickie - July 12, 2016 - 9:37 AM

Wow!! Great Job! You have a beautiful family. The kids are changing so fast. How blessed are you to have them and them to have you.:)

Vince - July 13, 2016 - 12:24 AM

Wow — Mary’s camera on steroids! By the end, I felt like one of the family. Terrific job.

Liz - July 14, 2016 - 9:10 PM

Love all this!

Fairly Candid - July 14, 2016 - 9:14 PM

Vickie, Vince, Liz – Thank you for taking the time to read this long post! That means a lot to me that you did. Mary

Aubrey - August 15, 2016 - 8:17 PM

I’m all caught up! I love the way you document. And then! I got to Matt’s comment and teared up. <3 Y'all are just the best 🙂

Fairly Candid - August 16, 2016 - 9:16 AM

Aubrey, I know, his comment had the same effect on me. Thank you lady for always checking in. You are the best!

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