Andy and Kelli Married!

We sit in the front yard at our house all summer long which makes for great opportunities to get to know our neighbors … like Andy and Kelli who live directly across the street from us for almost two years now. It didn’t take long for Andy to come plop his butt down in our yard and say howdy. Mike offered him a drink and we’ve been fast friends ever since. 🙂 Turns out he and our son graduated from Borah the same year, but didn’t even know it until that day. Kelli is a sweetheart and definitely less gregarious than Andy. She worried a bit about the wedding and the details and might have preferred a more quiet affair, but said “the Princess” wanted the big affair. That made us laugh then, and they make us laugh now — they’re a fun couple who seem to have found a great match in each other. I don’t shoot weddings for money because they stress me out (although I am actually excited about photographing a small wedding in October) but I do love shooting the bride and groom from a guest’s perspective — mine — as part of my gift when I can. So Andy and Kelli, I hope you enjoy this sideshow down memory lane all the way back to April 28, 2012. Ha! Every detail was so beautiful and you both looked amazing! We had a fabulous time and I hope those of you reading will see their love shining through.

I didn’t take pictures of the wedding party’s entrance to the ceremony — except for these two characters — Andy’s Best Man on the left and Kelli’s brother and Maid of Honor on the right. Yep, you read me right … Maid of Honor. He and Kelli are not only brother and sister, but good friends as well and she wanted him to hold the highest honor representing her side at the altar.

Here comes the beautiful bride with her fun bouquet of feathers.

This next photo is one of my two top favorite shots of the day. Do you suppose they are thinking of anyone else at the wedding besides each other? I don’t think so and that’s just the way it should be.

The anticipation builds as Andy and Kelli wait for their cue to enter the reception.

This is my other favorite shot of the day — to me it shows sheer joy. The crowd’s cheering shared that feeling.

Kelli is a part-time hairdresser and I was wondering how she got her hair to look like the feathers which were a big part of their wedding theme.

Allow me to take a few minutes away from the bride and groom to show you the guests at my table.

First is our neighbor Steve (Kathy was there too) and his beautiful daughter, Jessica.

Then we have my son and daughter-in-law, Matt and Danielle.

Then we have their three-week old baby, Jayden Lane, which is my third grandbaby and second grandson. His big brother, MJ, was with his other Grandma for the day. Pretty dang cute don’t ya think?!

And never last and never least is my handsome hubs with our second grandbaby, and first granddaughter, Sydney. The morning of the wedding day she became a new big sister to Simone Olivia. That makes four g-babes total in short order folks! Yep, we’re a blessed family! Can’t deny it. 🙂

“I declare this my wedding day. Now let’s eat cake!”

It’s almost “toast time” and the wedding party is gathering to make their speeches.

You know when you look at a picture and you just want to put a caption to it? Well, I think this next one would make a pretty good one. Anyone willing to give it a stab? My caption: “Ooooh, I can’t believe my Best Man is  looking at my wife that way!”

Kelli’s dad was the first to get up to speak … and speak he did. When he pulled out that notebook the look on Kelli’s face was “uh oh, what is he going to say?” He had us all laughing when he started off by saying how hard it was to write a speech after a lifetime of being Kelli’s father. He told us his original notes were only 6 hours long but he condensed it and we’d only have to listen to him for an hour. Well, all jokes aside, I could have listened to him for an hour because his humor and sentiments were the true mark of a father’s love for his daughter. There was nothing like it and I was privileged to be there taking it all in.

Laughter turns to tears and then to cheers.

From there it was the Best Man’s turn. I was again impressed with the depth that he spoke about Andy. He must truly be a good friend. Following that Kelli’s brother gave us some good stuff as well. Well done everyone.
These shoes belong to the Maid of Honor.

Years ago a wedding photographer told me a little wedding tip of his. He said he always tries to get the guests in the photos whenever possible to add depth to the photos. Here’s a perfect example in the next two pictures of what I’m talking about. First, a nice shot of Andy and Kelli’s first dance together. While the guests were moved to make room for the dance, it just looks like the guests have left! Not so.

See all those guests milling about? Doesn’t this make for a much more interesting photo? Or wait, maybe it’s that embrace that makes it more interesting. Smoochy, smooch. By the looks of the crowd it appears I may have been the only one to see it … until now! (Side note: even Kelli’s nails were painted to match the wedding … see her zebra nail?)

Father-Daughter Dance

Looks like I’d been spotted so with that it was time to leave … to attend a 50th wedding anniversary of long time family friends. While I won’t be around to wish you congratulations when it comes your turn to celebrate 50 years Andy and Kelli, I will be hoping your marriage is always as bright and loving as it is right now. Be kind and loving to one another and always, always, always put your neighbor’s first! (a wink and a :-))See you soon for a drink in the front yard! With neighborly love, Mary
Aubrey - May 27, 2012 - 5:41 PM

I love her colors and all those feathers! Love thy neighbor seems downright reasonable in these situations 😉

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