An Old and New Kind of Love (Ken and Kathy)

The date was July 3, 1976 — the day before the Bicentennial. Mike and I had been married almost one year and we were at Cathedral Pines Family Camp in Sun Valley where we met Ken. He had just moved to Twin Falls from Northern Ohio (where incidentily Kathy’s family had lived for about 10 years — you see where this is going, don’t you?) and at the last minute decided to attend Family Camp. The first night at camp they made us wear name tags with our name and where we were from, and it was Kathy’s mom that made the connection. Ken said he literally saw “fireworks” the day he met Kathy, and he would be correct, because Kathy’s mom invited Ken to join their family at the fireworks display in Sun Valley! Cupid obviously was at work!

Now anyone who knows Ken knows what he likes to do above almost all things — if you said walk or hike, you’d be right. He loves to hike in the hills, in the mountains, on cliffs, around the neighborhoods, out of shouting and cell phone range, anywhere. So that night at Camp he asks Kathy to take a walk (how romantic, right?) but what he didn’t tell her is that it would be in the dark … off the trails … with branches whipping her face. In her words she was wondering if she would ever see her family or civilization again! Ken’s take on it is that he just really likes walking in the dark!

They started seeing each other when Ken would make trips to Boise FBC and (Kathy’s) Grandma Eckert sometimes invited him for dinner and (surprise) Kathy would always be there. Except for the college years in PA, Kathy has always attended FBC — born and raised. The reason Ken wanted to keep seeing Kathy? “We were walking the grocery store aisle one day when she said something funny and I saw a twinkle in her eye that made me want to investigate her further. Her long strawberry blonde hair didn’t hurt either.” Kathy’s reason “he was a good kisser and I loved how I felt when he held me.” They were married one year and five months later on December 17, 1977.

Kathy and Ken are intellectuals. Kathy loves all things to do with the computer, photography, non-fiction books, books on Photoshop, researching this or that new gadget, health topics — she’s a reader and a researcher. She’s an accountant by degree, but I think she would have made a great paralegal or lawyer. She does not quit on any one or any thing that’s of importance to her (probably my most endearing quality of her). Did I ever tell you she is probably the one person most responsible for the love I now have of the computer? Yep, she saw it as the creative element I should have in my life and wouldn’t let it go until I started taking the interest. That was many years ago and now I can’t even imagine being without my beloved 24″ iMac.

Ken loves the outdoors and it’s vastness to explore. He loves doing for others as evidenced by his years of being a Sunday School teacher and Rotary member. He’s laid back. He loves books on history and philosophy. Both Ken and Kathy enjoy the occasional camp trip with our group although they can be a bit quirky at times … like the time they joined us at Carmella, rented a spendy trailer for the night, then Kathy slept indoors as Ken slept out on a cot under the stars (they both like the stars but Kathy has her limits). 🙂

They both like (I call it gourmet) cooking and entertaining (and do it well), and both of their lives are rooted in music. They love all things Idaho and the smell of the dirt at planting time. Kathy loves her family and loves her hubs. She says about Ken: “He’s a good dad, good to my family, and has empathy for strangers and gives his time to others. He’s smart. I can beat him most of the time at games, but he gives me a run for the money and I like that he’s competitive.” She saved her best for last when she said “And he’s really cute and still the best kisser ever.” Ken says of Kathy: “I love that she’s totally devoted to me and still has that look in her eyes.”

Do you know the book Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? Well, I do because it’s one of my granddaughter and grandson’s favorite books. It goes like this — Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?  I see new grandparents looking at me! Ok, well, it doesn’t actually say that, but it’s sure to become one of the favorite books in their home because they are going to be grandparents! Congratulations to the new parents, Jenny and Roman, Grandpa Ken and Grandma Kathy, Uncle Jon, Auntie Julia, Great-Grandma Betty and Great-Grandpa Dave! Those of you who are already grandparents know there’s nothing that tops being a new Gramma, Grannie, Oma, Grandma, Grammie, Hon, Nani, Poppy, Gramps, Grampa, Grandpa, Papa, Opa … the list is endless! What endearing name will Ken and Kathy be given? Congratulations on almost 34 years of marriage with the best years yet to come as grandparents. We can’t wait to meet him? or will it be her? Either way, congratulations!

Kathy Jones - March 1, 2011 - 7:03 AM

Nice pictures! Hard to say which is my favorite. I like the one on the balcony with the white sky background. But I also like the black and white – oh and the sepia toned too! Heck – they are all great! - March 1, 2011 - 7:12 AM

Kathy sent me this comment by e-mail and I told her I was posting it … it was too sweet not too (or else I am too vain), but either way, thank you Kathy … so sweet. It was a beautiful journey for me to get to read and write about all my friends and their love for each other. She writes:

“I looked at the blog today and I think you put way too many pictures of us up, but oh my gosh are they beautiful. That was a very fun experience for me and I really did not mind that I was freezing cold. I just cozied up to Ken. And when I looked at the camera, I pretended I was looking through the camera at you, so it was you I was smiling at, thinking about the kind of person you are, and that made me smile. You are an inspirational friend. I just read somewhere that having a good social network adds 3.7 years to your life, so I guess this weekend must have added a year. Your friend, Kathy”

That last comment made me laugh considering the wonderful post V-Day party we just had at Jim and Diane’s.

botut - March 2, 2011 - 10:43 AM

I hate getting pictures taken but love to take them. I’ll have to remember Kathy’s trick (if I know the photographer!)

I laughed at the “walk…in the dark…off the trail…with branches whipping in her face” part! Donnie has done the same thing to me.

Kathy Sereduk - March 4, 2011 - 3:25 PM

What a beautiful story! I think Mom and Grandma played matchmaker. I loved the pictures. The love and friendship that Kathy & Ken share really showed through them. How fun to take a trip down memory lane with them. We have shared many adventures together, and hope we get to add to those memories as we all grow older together.

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