Almost "Tuew"

How old are you MJ? “Almost tuew.” He says it so cute. He’ll be two in a couple of weeks but I’m showing you some pics of him from the last month cause when he turns “tuew” I’m sure he’ll look much older then. 🙂 He’s charming and loving, a ham most of the time, wearing big boy Yo Gabba Gabba underwear and a joy to be around and he’s my first grandchild.

Both my grandkids love our dog Sammy. When we go out of town, Sammy gets to go over to MJ’s house and when she comes back home, she’s depressed for a day or two.

Sydney will be two soon as well — on New Year’s Day and she’s a hoot to have around. She is cutely mischievous so the eyes in the back of my head come in handy, although sometimes she gets out of my field of vision. She’s our nut addict. It’s her favorite thing to eat at our house and Grampa always has a stock of them sitting by his chair. She is so confident that everyone loves them as much as her that she just feeds everyone spontaneously. What a multi-tasker you are Syd!

She is reckless abandon at the playground and it’s surprising that she hasn’t landed in the hospital yet with something broken. She is a daring little thing and busy, busy. Slides are her favorite and the faster the better. I caution you that one of the images you are about to see is a little disturbing but rest assured no child was hurt in the filming of this playground!

Next, she walks the wiggly plank first with her momma’s assistance and then without. She’s just a ball of joy and happiness this one. I’m a lucky gramma.

I bought a little point and shoot for Mike two Christmases ago and lo and behold if he didn’t take a few pictures with it when he went hunting a few weeks ago. It was lying around so I thought I would put it to good use and show you how everyone came to the house for the last BSU away game. I was so proud of my family all dressed in blue and orange (and some Boise State Pink). But check what Mike is trying to hide in the back … a blue shirt — but not a BSU one — and he has more than all of us put together! Even so, don’t I have a great family! Yes. I. Do.

Come back soon. Next post … Cannon Beach!

Megan - October 11, 2011 - 8:56 PM

Ooh, squeal. My favorite posts are the ones that involve Sydney! I love the sheer happiness that was captured on the crazy bridge…she was so proud of herself, wasn’t she?!? And seriously…no more nuts before dinner!!! 😉

Linda Johnston - October 11, 2011 - 8:57 PM

Never for one second have I thought those two grandbabies look alike. But. . .in the picture with them sitting on your lap, they kind of look alike. Actually, they DO look alike–one brown eyed and one blue. I probably won’t see a resemblance again, but that picture definitely shows a family resemblance. After all, they ARE related. - October 11, 2011 - 9:07 PM

I thought you were nuts, but you know, I looked back at that picture, and you may be right. Crazy. - October 11, 2011 - 9:12 PM

Did you cringe on the slide photo? I do every time I see it. Yes, she was so proud of herself. She looked so much older to me in those photos too … did she to you? And good luck on the no nuts policy.

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