Adi turns Two

Having never met one another, Adi’s mom, Amy, met me at my car with a cautious tale … “sorry, but Adi woke up kind of grumpy this morning.” I was expecting some whining out of her about not wanting to get out of the car, or wanting to hide on mom’s shirt tales once she did, but nope, none of that. Off she went with me chatting in her two year old (very legible) talk with an adventure in her stride and a willingness to please. If this is grumpy, I’d love to see her on a cooperative happy day! What a cutie she was with her 2-year old vocabulary, her unsolicited “kank you” (when I complimented her sparkly shoes), and her cute skorts over her tiny diaperless bottom and later rain boots. I had my umbrella in the car that I decided to use to go with them and she grew quite the crowd from a group of Senior citizens walking the park. It was a fun morning and it was great meeting the three of you! Now to the rest of you … meet Adi, Amy, and Jared. 🙂

As a reward for the photo session, we went to the playground where she immediately thought Ryker was going to be there since they go to parks together on play dates. Ryker’s mom, Holly, is the one who referred Amy to me, so thank you Holly!

She walked this balance beam, got to the end, and did this Olympic pose. It was so cute and a perfect ending to our time together. Thank you Amy for your call. It was so fun to finally meet you, Jared, and adorable Adi! Mary

Aubrey Archuleta - September 23, 2012 - 3:44 PM

Love me a two year old! She has great style and a mama with some gorgeous long locks. What a fun shoot with great results.

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