A Big Easter Surprise

On Tuesday, I came home and met Mike outside mowing the yard.

[Said in my sweetest wifey voice] “Hon, I need your help. Could you find me a big box … I need a big box.” We chatted about boxes until the big question I was dreading finally came.

“What do you need a box for?”

“Weeeell … for the chicks I bought?”

“Chicks! What chicks?!”

“The chicks in my car that I’m going to photograph the babies with.”

“OMG Mary, you’ve done some crazy #@*! in your life, but this has to take the cake!” [There was also a few other words of wisdom about how was I going to take care of them, what was I going to do with them, comments about them all dying by morning … you know, just your average everyday comments.]

But anyone who knows my hubs knows he has a big ol’ heart, so after I told him I had it all figured out (with my most unconvinced convincing tone) he helped me find a Rubbermaid, helped me set up the heat lamp, fix their bedding, and get them settled. (Psst, he even checked on them once or twice without my asking.) And so that everyone is as happy as I am, all five chicks are still alive and happily chirping within a few feet of me now. I bought three of one breed, two of another. Of the three, I’ve fondly named them Big Ben (the biggest of the five with the sweetest temperament and my favorite), Soul Sista (the smallest of the breed), and Benny (the middle-sized of the breed). The other two are champagne-colored, a little more skittish, and a little louder when separated from the pack so I’ve named them “The Jets”.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The girls knew nothing about it. We dyed eggs, Syd had a nap, we had lunch, we put some of their Easter clothes on, and then when I suggested we do the photo shoot in my hobby room they started thinking something might be up … but chicks? No idea. Total surprise. Oh, I’m good. The babies didn’t know what to think. MJ peered over the edge then looked up with the biggest smile and let out a shriek. Sydney, well, Sydney likes to wear her smiles inside sometimes.

The photo shoot was actually really hard and not what I expected it would be. The confines of the room was difficult, the light source not optimal to allow for the necessary shutter speed to freeze all the squirming that was going on, my flash batteries were running low … waa, waaaa, waa. I wasn’t allowed to take them outside and they could only be away from their heat lamp for short times. I had this idea in my head that the babies would sit down and hold out their palms on which a cute little chick would sit motionless while I got these Anne Geddes (as Megan called it) type photos. Yea, didn’t happen. Not even close. Anne Geddes I am not. I wanted the babies on top of my desk so they didn’t run around and bonk an unsuspecting little-chicky-foo-foo on the head with their feet. Perfect plan except that the babies didn’t want to be perfect OR on top of a desk. What they wanted was to hold a chick, but to explain that if they sat down they could hold a chick wasn’t quite registering. They finally sat down, held out their palms (it’s looking better), the girls placed Big Ben and Benny on their palms. “WAhhhhh!” Palms opened, chicks fell, babies started crying. Bye-bye Anne Geddes. Hello imperfect world with technically bad pictures, beautiful grandbabies and tough chickies. The babies eventually calmed down and would allow the chicks to be around them, but they weren’t really wanting to hold them so much (which was a plus for the chicks … remember that “gentle” lesson we were trying to teach in the Easter egg post?)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Easter Outfits — $100

5 Baby Chicks, bedding, heat lamp, food — $38

A big surprise and non-Anne-Geddes pictures of my grandbabies — PRICELESS!

With a tear on her cheek, Sydney is trying to give the chick a hug. I’m not sure who is trying to comfort whom.

We moved down stairs to try a few shots there but the babies wouldn’t stay put, and neither would the chicks.

Syd was trying her hardest to give the chicks a hug … they just weren’t cooperating.

And who would have guessed that Mike would take a little liking to Big Ben? Mike said I couldn’t say a word to any of our friends so I won’t. I won’t say a word. Don’t you love that a picture is worth a 1,000 words? I do.

Sheila Clark - April 22, 2011 - 7:30 AM

Oh Mary! LOL! Those are so cute! Even though they aren’t the photos that you expected to get, they are so darn cute. I love the one of MJ laying on the floor looking at the chick and the one where it looks like he’s going to squeeze the life out of it. So funny! I hope you get the shots that you want on your second try 🙂

Linda Johnston - April 22, 2011 - 8:56 AM

Who needs Anne Geddes when you’ve got Gramma Mary? Sometimes pictures are cuter when they don’t go as we plan. It shows those precious little personalities. Besides, I think there is a reason why Anne Geddes often chooses newborns for her work–they sleep a lot, unlike 1 1/2 year olds. I can even see the look on Mikey’s face when you told him why you needed the box (I think he secretly loves your big ideas). I can see chickey love all over his face.

FairlyCandid.wordpress.com - April 22, 2011 - 9:57 AM

Oh my goodness Linda, I was smiling through your note, but that last line, I busted out laughing at my desk. Oh my, wait till Mikey reads that! Too good and you are too funny … you should start a blog.

Kathy Grover - April 22, 2011 - 2:29 PM

Holy Cow! Holy Chicks! Anna Geddes has got nothing on you.

FairlyCandid.wordpress.com - April 22, 2011 - 2:35 PM

Kathy, you always crack me up. Thank you.

Mary Kuehn - April 22, 2011 - 9:02 PM

I will not show those pictures to Mark for he would look like Mike and I would be feeding chicks. My fav was Sydney in a line with the chicks. “The 4 Chicks” Try it again when they are 4 or 5 it might go better. Turned out great! See you soon.

FairlyCandid.wordpress.com - April 22, 2011 - 10:20 PM

What’s Mark’s e-mail address again?

FairlyCandid.wordpress.com - April 22, 2011 - 10:24 PM

Sheila, I could appreciate you being the mother of twins and what you do on a daily basis after this photo shoot … and we had two mothers, a great-grandma and me! Thank you for commenting Sheila … have a great Easter!

Your Man - April 23, 2011 - 6:12 AM

I would really like to know what chickey love is or looks like.

FairlyCandid.wordpress.com - April 23, 2011 - 7:26 AM

You know when you look at me? That’s chicky love. Lovie you too.

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