32 Day Photo Challenge

My favorite blog site for photography is I Heart Faces and while they aren’t having a “Challenge” this month for judging, they are having a 32 Day Photo Challenge just for fun! You don’t have to participate through their website, but if you would like to, the rules are listed here. Here’s the concept … you just have to end up with one picture a day according to the following list. If you have a blog, I would love for you to play along and post them for all to see … and if you don’t have a blog, how about Facebook, Twitter, or other social media? I just have a blog so that’s where I’ll be posting. Or how about just giving yourself the challenge to pull out your nice camera, your point and shoot, or your phone camera and see things in a whole new creative way this Christmas. You could even turn them into a pretty sweet book or poster project when the challenge is over. Sometime tomorrow — and it could be late — I’ll be posting a picture of ME! (Oh gosh, the most dreaded challenge of the whole month right off the bat!) Come on, join me!



Danielle - December 1, 2012 - 7:43 PM

I’m doing the Instagram photo challenge. It will be fun to compare what each day asks us to capture!

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