"24" Hours with MJ

After MJ got sick and started to mend, his parents got sick. After his parents got sick I got a phone call that sounded something like this: “Mom [groan], we’re [ooo] both sick. [More groans]. Can you [heavy breathing] come get MJ [grunt]?” Luckily it was my day off and I was off to the rescue. I had the kids do the “drop off” outside their house so as not to pick up any sick germs (and 36 hours later I would be making the same groaning sounds as above). I had 24 hours with my grandson — how was I going to spend it? I decided it was time for my first gramma/grandson outing to the Zoo.

He loved the tigers.

And the prairie dog tunnel was quite the fascination. It had holes on the inside with a plastic dome so the kids could be at ground level (but not very effective this time of year since they are in hibernation). He saw it and off he went and I wondered how I was going to get him.

But luckily, he got to the end, turned around and came back. But then he went back again. Big people fit in the tunnel too you know.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Can’t you feeeed meĀ pleeease?!

We actually saw a fair amount of animals, but three things fascinated him more than others. (1) Squirrels, (2) Other kids, (3) and Stairs. Driving theĀ jeep in Safari Land was a close fourth.

Outside the Zoo there was this statue where MJ tried his hardest to reach the apple she was handing out to him.

Home for lunch, rest, then off to a high school basketball tournament. He was afraid of the noise at first, and the stomping of feet, and the yelling and clapping of hands, but by half-time he was part of the party (as shown by this very blurry cell phone photo).

Dinner, bath, bedtime, Saturday a.m. sendoff. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock — 24 — where did you go so fast?!


botut - March 10, 2011 - 8:27 PM

haha, my youngest brought the bug to us and we (as in the adults) have been struggling badly this week. My dad dropped off meds and food at the front door but refused to enter the plagued domain!

Great way to spend the day with your grandson.

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