Sydney Reece and Co.

Megan, Robby, and 16 month old Sydney have been home for five weeks now and it has been crazy good! We have made up for lost time by doing lots of things together. Of course I usually have my camera in tow (except for this week when I got two big and two little visitors at work — love me those visitors!) Besides, I need to post more pictures so Megan can steal them to put on her blog (and I’m happy to let her). Funny how moving home made her forget how to use her camera again. Speaking of Megan, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out her blog, and most particularly the post called Sydney Reece,¬†to see how Megan’s description of her daughter match many of these pictures I took. (We’re a good team, Meg.) It’s sweet and I know you will love it as much as I did. Now, sit back and find the joy in what I now get to experience. Of course you’ll find a little MJ along the way too because where you find one cousin, you’ll now often find the other. And speaking¬†of cousins, there’s a few priceless pics of second-cousin Charlie too. He’s my nephew’s 2-year-old who is going to be a big brother to sister Mae come June. Charlie is about the cutest two-year-old on the planet. We’re a lucky family.

Charlie loves “bakeetball” so much. He is a bakeetball enthusiast like no other and on Easter at our house he played it for hours with the family. When it wasn’t his turn you could find him rooting on the others, particularly his 8-year-old cousin, Eva. “Go Eva Grace, go Eva Grace, go Eva Grace! You can do it Eva Grace! Yay, you did it Eva Grace!” He is her biggest fan and she’s pretty soft on him as well.

The love of bakeetball seeped into MJ that day. From then on we play bball, over and over and over and over. When he wakes from a nap at my house, his first word is “ouside?” He likes to crouch down while I say “ready, set, go” as he bounces up without leaving the ground as the ball goes a foot away. He wants me to throw it, hold him to throw it, and he likes to throw it in the street to watch me play fetch over and over and over and over. I try to divert him but it’s useless. (Thanks Charlie.) Still, he looks good with a bakeetball. I hope he always will.

We all went to the Boise Zoo one day and spent three hours (yes, three hours). My sister, Charlie, the big girls, Matt, and the little babes and I had a ball. Sydney loves to “hide” as she demonstrates below. Imagine the look of glee on her face when we “found her.”

She loves to hug just about anything too. I’m sure she would have hugged the real Komodo Dragon, lions, and tigers if she could. I’m sure they would have “hugged” her right back.

If you’ve been to the zoo, you know they have these nifty dugouts to see the ground squirrels. My son tapped on the dome and got an interesting surprise.

Charlie and his grandma thought they were pretty cool. This is a picture of them looking at him looking at me looking at him.

The big giraffe slide was a big hit with all the little (and big kids) but in the interest of time, I’ll just show you fearless MJ. (Sydney is fearless too and you’ll see the markings later on that prove it.) If you haven’t been to the zoo in a while, grab some kids, your camera and go have some fun. The Boise Zoo is discounted on Thursdays for adults from $7 to $4.25.

After three hours at the zoo we were all tuckered out. Daddy met us outside the gates.

A few days later, Megan, Sydney and I had another outing to Camel’s Back Park in Hyde Park. I grew up not far from there and it was always a favorite. Now they have the most wonderful playground for kids of all ages. I decided it would be a black-and-white day. See those cute pig tails Megan talks about … and check out those “owies” on her head. She’s a bit accident prone.

Below is the priceless “Under-Doggie Giggle” sequence Megan talks about. Unfortunately you can’t see the squeals of delight on Sydney’s face in the second picture but you can in the third. Megan took it of me and Sydney after doing the “under-doggie” then playing a round of “peek-a-boo” back and forth in front of the swing. Oh my, is there a bathroom nearby? Too late.

Below is the look I see often … the logical little thinker. “Hmmm, what shall I do next?” Is she just too cute or what!

The next few photos are of a friendly squirrel at the playground. He and Syd played “hide and seek” before stopping to have a snack, and of course Sydney asked her mama if she could keep him. Mama didn’t seem to share the same enthusiasm.

Even though the squirrel wasn’t a keeper, little Miss Sydney Reece is. Yep, she’s a keeper all right.

Megan - May 12, 2011 - 7:04 AM

Oh my sweet heavens. How can my heart melt so many times? I want to go wake her up just so I can squeeze that little cutie! I have been wondering where all those (amazing) pictures that I knew you took were…and here they are!!! Thank you! The one of you and her on the swings is perfect- your Grandma smile in that picture is priceless.

Btw- the watermark on the pics looks good!

Laura Higgs - May 13, 2011 - 12:05 AM

Love the pictures. Between Megan and your site, I am watching close from a far.
Your picture taking quality is extremely professional. Keep up the great work.

Your Man - May 15, 2011 - 2:58 PM

What a beautiful granddaughter I have. Not to mention wife and daughter. Yea , bet you were in my shoes.

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